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Analysis of the first symptoms of AIDS in men

AIDS is a real disaster of our time, carrying off every year at least 25 million people. The cause of the disease – human immunodeficiency virus, slow current disease that affects the protection of our body. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is the last stage of HIV and has specific symptoms. Next, we consider how the symptoms of AIDS in men what they are. In fact, until recently, among the strong half of mankind had observed the main number of cases.

What happens after infection?

The first symptoms of infection usually appear after just a few days after infection. Of course, this is not AIDS, but only the first stage of the disease – HIV.

In men it is manifested by a rash red or colorless areas that cover the entire body. Such eruptions are petechial (accompanied by small hemorrhages), urticaria (swollen blister), or papular (nodules). To hide these rashes is simply impossible.

Then there is a sudden rise in temperature accompanied by fever. Such a condition takes place after 2-3 weeks, but symptoms of AIDS in men remain enlarged lymph nodes in the groin and neck that are not sore. Occasionally there is diarrhea. Typically, patients in this situation choose symptomatic treatment.

Article topic: Signs of HIV in men: the stage of the disease

Three weeks later the first symptoms of fade away, all except subfebrile temperature, which can stay long enough. There comes a stage carriage, which inevitably will lead to the development of AIDS. In men, it can take years, and some about his illness and did not suspect.

The last stage of development of the disease

During the stage of carriage at each of the infected manifest immunodeficiency, such a state is characterized by a prolonged course of any disease. If not taken appropriate treatment, gradually develop symptoms of AIDS.

The first signs of AIDS in men do not differ from the female. Different only the symptoms of diseases of the sexual sphere. As a rule, AIDS in men begins with prolonged healing of cuts and wounds. Any scratch in these patients causes the festering and bleeding for a long time.

Then develops directly AIDS occurring in the following forms:

  • Pulmonary where patients suffer Pneumocystis pneumonia, with severe prolonged over.
  • Intestinal, characterized by diarrhoea, poorly responsive to treatment. There are signs of dehydration, increases the loss of body weight, there are symptoms of degeneration.
  • With skin lesions. Whenthis process involves all of the skin and mucous membranes. Develop sores, ulcers and erosion, the area of which is constantly increasing, they become infected and grow into muscle tissue.
  • With the defeat of the nervous system. In this form of AIDS in men, there is deterioration in memory, there is persistent apathy, may manifest epileptic seizures, often develop malignant tumors of the brain, the disease is complicated by encephalitis or meningitis.

Not receiving treatment for AIDS can not live more than two years. Very rarely the disease lasts three years, after which comes death.

The disease leaves no chance of recovery, therefore, early treatment and continuous monitoring of health is the only way to salvation.