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How to use americow water from alcoholism (with reviews)

Americna water from alcohol is a well-known method of treatment. However, it is important to know what the official medicine does not recognize this type of therapy. Hence the use of hellebore must be approached with caution, realizing all the responsibility.



Hellebore or puppeteer is a perennial herb of the Lily family. It is a poisonous plant, that is why doctors do not recommend the use of drugs, prepared on its basis. Externally, the plant is characterized by the presence of powerful stem height about one and a half or two metres and large leaves. The flowering period is characterized by the appearance of inflorescences green. It should be noted that all parts of the hellebore are poisonous and dangerous to human health. Just one gram of plant root ingestion leads to death.

Due to the poisonous properties since ancient times, the hellebore was used as a means to combat insects and rodents. Currently, this effect has not forgotten and continue to apply for the destruction of insect pests, and also to protect Pets from parasites. The reviews attest to their high antiparasitic activity. With regard to the treatment of alcoholism, in this case, the hellebore alkaloids in water composition have multiple effects on the body. These include:

  1. General toxic effect.
  2. The formation of gag reflex in response to alcohol consumption.
  3. The formation of negative reactions to alcohol.

Americna water from alcohol is sold in vials of 100 ml. the composition of feature 50 ml of rhizomes of hellebore, infused with alcohol, and the remaining half is treated water.

Features of use

The manual recommends the use of americow water for external use only. Because ingestion causes severe poisoning. But this is what this method of treatment of alcoholism. The extract of the plant is absolutely not compatible with alcohol, which potentiate the effect of hellebore and amplify the manifestations of intoxication.

Because the tool is extremely toxic and dangerous for the human body, it should be used with caution. A wrong dosage could cost lives.

Folk medicine for the treatment of alcoholism recommends taking two drops americnas water three times a day. The advantage is that it can be added to food and drinks without the knowledge of suffering from alcoholism. It should be mentioned that on the flavor characteristics of the beverages and food add two drops is absolutely not affected, so the patient will not even notice any changes. And even after a meal no unpleasantsensations will not be, as confirmed by the reviews. And the water will start to operate only after the consumption of alcohol.

Once the patient is alcohol drink alcohol drink, he feels unwell, develops nausea, vomiting. Accordingly, it will be linked to the emergence of such symptoms with alcohol. First, the patient may think that the reason lies in the poor-quality alcohol. But such a result will occur every time. Eventually americna water will lead to the formation of the gag reflex in response to alcohol, and there is aversion to it. On a subconscious level, is formed by the connection of alcohol consumption with poor health.

Sometimes the effect can not occur. Reviews say that more often it occurs from-for insufficient quantities of the active component. In this case, it is necessary to increase the dose. Its increase should occur gradually, one drop per day. Remember that the dosage should not exceed 15 drops per day, because this increases the chance of serious poisoning.

Negative effects

After applying americnas water for the treatment of alcoholism may experience effects such as diarrhoea, severe thirst, pale skin. Reviews say that the probability of their occurrence is quite high, so you should always be ready to assist. Also can develop conditions that require urgent medical care. For example:

  • hypotension;
  • heart palpitations;
  • profuse vomiting;
  • cramps;
  • irritability;
  • respiratory failure;
  • sudden muscle weakness;
  • the disruption of auditory and visual analyzers;
  • loss of consciousness.

In case of overdose, the water of hellebore may lead to inhibition of the activity of the heart, until it stops. To prevent unwanted side effects it is important to remember about the existence of contraindications to the use of this technique in the treatment of alcoholism. It is the presence of diseases of the:

  1. Of the cardiovascular system.
  2. Of the gastrointestinal tract and liver.
  3. Of the nervous system.
  4. Kidneys.

Reviews say that americna water from alcohol is a fairly effective means. However, doctors do not advise to use this method in connection with likelihood of developing life-threatening conditions. But if you do decide on a method of treatment of alcoholism, it is recommended to consult a doctor and examine the patient for contraindications.



Unfortunately, faced with the problem of alcoholism, so really have to experience for yourself whatit is a great sorrow. Tried it many different ways. And when it was the turn of americnas water, I was already in despair. Despite the large number of side effects, I still took a chance. I want to note that many had to endure. Indeed, after drinking with her husband was something incredible. Tolerated very hard. But I can confidently say that suffering was not in vain. The result was a very good and long lasting. So don't be afraid, try it, but first consult your doctor.


Method interesting. Apparently, the acting is good, but somehow scary, especially considering the consequences.


I am a nurse, so the use of hellebore approached consciously. The biggest fear was that the brother could drink alcohol away from home and people, and the development of serious complications anyone near me would not. But lucky for us, several times fell the pressure, but before the loss of consciousness is not reached. The result pleased the whole family, but we are very worried and feared negative outcome.