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What is the best drink for a hangover at home

The day before hosted a fun office party at work or are you finally going with friends? Probably not without the drinking of alcoholic beverages. In the end, today since the morning have to pay for a good time with a hangover: a headache, suffers from nausea and stops the dry mouth, stomach ache, no strength to do anything, so on a productive working day may not be considered. Quickly remove the symptoms of a hangover at home just. There are several effective treatment methods, which we now describe.

мужчина с похмелья

A bit of history

Alcohol is accompanied by cheerful festivities since ancient times. Of course, as many people suffer from a hangover. At different times, people found ways to relieve this painful condition. Moreover, in different countries, their national secrets against the hangover.

In China, the best remedy for headaches and nausea during a hangover is considered a spicy fish soup with lots of vigorous pepper. There is a soup difficult even accustomed to spicy food Chinese, but after a fiery dish of soup condition becomes noticeably better from a hangover does not remain also a trace.

English people's way of dealing with the consequences of yesterday's booze – eat a huge amount of lemons or green apples. It was thought that the acid of these products react with the remaining in the body alcohol and neutralizes it.

In Germany believed: hangover need to eat or drink something salty (in this we are close with the Germans, only in Russia prefer to drink salty brine). Best of all, according to the Germans, for the salvation of man, suffering headache and nausea, suitable herring. In the national kitchen even has a dish called "Breakfast with a hangover" – rolls of salted herring with marinated vegetables inside.

A rather exotic method used by the Ancient Romans – they were put on the forehead a snail, and then rubbed the head selected animals with mucus. Even more exotic to get rid of hangover, the people of Haiti – the morning after the booze they never drank, and took an olive, slashed 12 sharp needles, locked in the bottle. It was thought that poor olive took upon himself the agony of a hangover, and the man himself feel better.

All this, of course, interesting methods but they are poorly applicable in the realities of our time and of our country. Better provide a list of methods against a hangover that you can implement at home.


Consider that it is better to do:

  • Step one: clean the body.

Drinking alcohol enters the liver, is converted to acetaldehyde. This substance belongs to the category of toxic, so drunkenness and hangovers are a form of poisoning. The body in responsehit the poison triggers a protective response – starts the decomposition of acetaldehyde with the formation of carbonic acid, which then excreted from the body.

It is best to remove the headache, drank on the eve of the accompanying person helps the aspirin or Advil. If you drink the medicine do not want to, you can use popular method of treatment. At home to cope with migraines and dizziness, if applied to the forehead or temples with a napkin wrapped ice cubes (or a towel soaked with cold water). The compress will constrict the blood vessels, the head will hurt less.

From the painful thirst we need to drink something salty – plain water helps a little. The best remedy against hangover thirst is a pickle, brew, selenaselena mineral water. From a hangover to drink drugs Regidron and Hydrovit Forte – tablets belonging to the group of residentof that quickly restores water-salt balance.

The cure for all

If you do not want to use the people's money, you can buy in the pharmacy or store special tablets that help to purify the body, eliminate the symptoms of a hangover. Such pop you just have to throw in a glass of water, wait for 30 seconds when the tablet is completely dissolved, drink the resulting mixture.

Popular drug against hangover at home is a tablet of Alka-Seltzer. It has a fairly simple and harmless ingredients: aspirin, baking soda, citric acid. To be honest, the same set of ingredients you will get if you take an Advil, drink mineral water, eat 3 slices of lemon.

Here is a list of other pills against hangover:

  1. Alka-Prim. Consists of the same components that Alka-Seltzer, plus it has glycine, activates the metabolism and protects the liver from the harmful effects of alcohol
  2. Zoreks Morning. The peculiarity of the drug is that it contains succinic acid. Succinic acid can remove the symptoms of a hangover (nausea, headache, and dizziness), to stimulate brain activity to increase alertness (helps after drinking to work).
  3. Stand up. Is a natural remedy for hangovers. The present composition of extracts of rose hips, St. John's wort, ginseng, citric acid, thyme.

To prevent the syndrome

The hangover, like any other illness, it is easier to prevent than to take measures for its elimination. Instead of having to cycle through all the ways from the list of "How to get rid of a hangover", it is better to ensure that it does not arise. This is done simply.

Before the use of alcohol should be to eat, the emphasis should be placed on a fairly fatty food. Alcohol should not drink, and snack. During the party every hour to eatthe slice of lemon or eat a salty pickle.

In order to prevent hangover, you should watch what you drink. It is not necessary to lower the degree, try to only drink one kind of drink (cocktails provoke a hangover is stronger than strong wine or vodka). And, of course, don't get drunk. If you comply with the measure, then the hangover the next morning can not come!