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All the ways to stop drinking beer in the evening

According to statistics, in our country, grown man drinks an average of 60 liters of beer per year. Such volumes are very harmful to health, but, unfortunately, this few people think. This stems from the common misconception that beer is a harmless barley drink. As a result, many start drinking beer almost every night and after a couple of years earn alcoholism, a sick stomach, liver, heart, ugly beer belly, obesity and impotence.

How to quit drinking beer on a special schedule? Mark on a calendar the days when you allow yourself to taste a soft drink. And each subsequent week shall be one day less than the previous (zoom out until you reach the mark one day a week").

Each day, mark the amount of beer permitted on each subsequent week the volume should be reduced to 250 ml, until there is only one drink (one beer once a week — it is admissible, is not able to harm the body of her husband). However, there is one condition — the beer must be of high quality. Do not allow yourself to consume questionable products at a low price, as it quickly get used, and health, he destroys with enhanced speed.

Setting additional targets

In addition to getting rid of the abuse of beer at home you can put additional target material. This will help to add even more motivation. Just count how much money you spend on beer every month. If the next month you will be able to refrain from beer, the savings amount set aside in the Treasury. You can raise money for some important thing is a new phone, laptop, holiday voucher. As soon as accumulate the required amount, just buy a welcome gift. This will reinforce positive emotions from new life without beer every day.

Cleansing the body

In the process of regular consumption of beer in the male body the accumulate breakdown products of alcohol, the man is in a constant state of toxicity. If cleansing of toxins, then health will improve, your head will be clearer, alcohol is significantly reduced. There are several safe natural recipes, how to cleanse the body of her husband at home:

  • A decoction of oats. This folk remedy helps with a hangover and struggle with addiction. Norm — a Cup of broth every day for two weeks.
  • Warm milk with honey is a great remedy will strengthen the body of her husband, remove toxins, strengthen the immune system. If you drink a glass before bedtime and improve sleep.
  • Bath with pine essential oils — the best way to cleanse the body of toxins,weight loss. Just do not drink beer in the bath — the effect will be.
  • A decoction of herbs (St. John's wort, thyme, calendula, chamomile): four handfuls of dried herb mixture pour a liter of warm water. Put in a water bath for about 30 minutes. Ready broth should drink for two weeks twice a day, before Breakfast and dinner. This folk remedy is taken from the hard drinking, hangover husband, helps to strengthen the immune system, to lose weight, reduce inflammation.


First, the abuse of beer is very bad for the figure of the husband — there is a beer belly, there is a failure of metabolic processes (someone much thinner, someone, on the contrary, gaining extra pounds). Second, active leisure is the best alternative to sitting with glasses of beer. After hard work, the man will not want to drink, and improving the physical condition will be a great reward for abstinence from alcohol and good work.

It is possible that, despite all efforts to stop drinking beer at home in the evenings my husband will not work. Then it is better to discard prejudices and shyness and consult a doctor who knows how to get rid of beer alcoholism. The doctor will assess the condition of the husband, will help to create the right treatment program, prescribe medicines and herbs that will help to stop abuse beer.