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An overview of effective methods to facilitate the hangover in men

If you have ever consumed alcoholic beverages in large quantities, then you are aware of the symptoms of a hangover and wondering how to ease his symptoms. There are many methods on how to ease a hangover, but some of them are doctors absolutely forbid it. Let's look at the cause of the hangover, its symptoms, methods that do not recommend the use of doctors to alleviate the symptoms how to ease a hangover, is an effective methods of eliminating hangovers that do not carry the potential danger to human health and as simple as possible, because after a binge it is hard to perform actions that require a lot of energy.

If you have a hangover, doctors do not recommend the following methods because they can negatively affect your body:

  1. To consume alcoholic beverages. Indeed, after drinking beer or vodka getting better, but it can go into a new meal or booze, so the next day you can again Wake up with the hangover. If you this helps, then it is best to drink non-alcoholic beer.
  2. Drink tea, which contributes to fermentation in the stomach, enhances the intoxication and coffee-they increase the heart rate and dehydration. After eating health can deteriorate significantly.
  3. Take a bath, hot shower, go to sauna or steam bath. If hangover the cardiovascular system works with the increased load, and high temperature adversely affects it, so after these procedures, the possible deterioration of health.

What to do

Consider effective and simple methods on how to ease a hangover:

  • Sleep or rest lying down, which is most required by the body.
  • Drink a lot of water, compotes, juices, herbal teas, mint tea with honey, cucumber pickle. This will prevent dehydration and restore vitamin and mineral balance in the body.
  • To take a contrast shower. First with hot water, it will expand the pores and improve perspiration for excretion of toxins, then with cold water for vigor of the body. After showering the skin better absorb oxygen, which improves the condition.
  • Hearty Breakfast. To improve the functioning of the liver and stomach can take the following food: soup, soup, soup, scrambled eggs (it contains proteins, amino acids), yogurt, kefir, spinach (it is rich in antioxidants that remove alcohol). The body needs foods that contain potassium: potatoes, sauerkraut, sour cucumbers, bananas. In the absence of appetite still need to eat, then the relief comes almost instantly. Effectively use sweet grape that is the source of glucose.
  • To take medicationdrugs after a long feast or drinking bout. Definitely need to drink 6-8 tablets of activated charcoal to neutralize toxic substances, and 2 tablets but-shpy. With severe headaches 1-2 tablets of aspirin, Advil, paracetamol after food. Also take tablets with vitamin C, they help to reduce the amount of alcohol in the body. If you have diarrhea you need to take loperamide hydrochloride.
  • To get some fresh air or at least ventilate the room. The air, saturated with oxygen, improves metabolic processes. Also help cyclic physical activity for 40 minutes, however, if the condition does not allow to perform these actions, it is better to stay to sleep at home.

These tips rescue from a hangover and the binge useful for small and medium intoxication. It should be remembered that these methods for each body acts in different ways, to different degrees, and they stimulate, but do not remove the symptoms. For the complete disappearance of hangover symptoms need a long time.