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How to cure alcoholism drops: what is more effective (with prices and reviews)

Of all light, heavy and medium the most common addictions is alcoholism. Tuberculosis kills more than 2.5 million people. Regular abuse of alcohol reduces the activity of neurons, changes the activity of the circulation, causing psychological and social degradation.

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Cirrhosis of the liver, heart attacks and strokes, cancer of the stomach and intestines, ulcers, pulmonary edema, renal failure, pancreatitis, hemolytic anemia, ulcers, polyneuropathy, epilepsy – here is a short list of diseases provoked by excessive consumption of alcohol beverages. Of course, it is best to prevent the development of dependence and from the very beginning to restrict the consumption of alcohol. But just to say, but it is much more difficult. Insidious disease (and addiction is a disease) in that it develops slowly. From time to time drinking a person believes that he controls the situation and alcoholism he does not suffer. When all the symptoms of addiction become obvious to just stop drinking not force almost any patient. This is due to psychological or physical changes in the body under the action of a huge amount of ethyl alcohol taken for a long time.

To cope with the disease through various means – pills, powders, solutions, etc. Now comes a lot of drugs aimed at relief of the patient, as well as to block craving for alcohol. Today we will examine the most popular drops from alcoholism – find out, how they operate, how many there are, how they should be taken according to the instructions, about drops that write in reviews doctors and patients.

The principle of operation

Blocking (coding) of alcoholism – the main principle of powders, tablets, solutions, implants, drops against alcoholism. These drugs are very strong, that's why to assign and monitor the course of treatment should be qualified.

Self-treatment drops at home (relying only on articles and reviews from the Internet) is dangerous. You can pick up the wrong drug, the wrong dosage choose is not only not cure alcoholism, but also may seriously harm your health.

Lock dependency is due to the changes of treatment response intake of alcohol. Compare the reactions in pleaserusa alcoholic and the patient who drops acting against alcoholism:

  • What happens to a person who does not treat alcoholism.
  • Alko Drop Barrier (Barrier Alco).

Drug, alcohol Barrier (Barrier Alco) is available in the form of dropsbrown color without smell and taste. The course of treatment is 21 days. Barrier allows you amplify the negative effects of alcohol immediately after taking it (if you fail) and to address the human condition in a period of abstinence (reduces the intensity of withdrawal syndrome). Can be given to the patient without his knowledge.

This cheap drug is homeopathic (natural composition), so effective in the early stages of alcoholism. In the late stages often has no effect, as the need for stronger blockers. In the composition of Alko Barrier – artichoke extract, motherwort, Fabrikam and vitamin complex.

  • Drops Acoprot (AlkoProst).

Another natural remedy homeopathic – drops Acoprot (AlkoProst). Used to treat the early stages of alcoholism (operating without the knowledge of the patient). Consist of fungus koprinusa, centaury, beaver musk, extract of Artemia and vitamin complex. Drops ELKOPLAST cleanse the body of alcoholic toxins and poisons and stimulate the cells of the liver and kidneys.

Usage instructions are simple: add three times a day 10 drops in plain water (if it is necessary to give a drug to a person without his knowledge, it is better to drip into the food). This dosage is optimal and eliminates the possible negative effects.

  • Drops MCPFE (Colme).

Spanish drops MCPFE against alcoholism. Quite expensive (the price is 5000 per 4 capsules), but effective. Prescribed by the doctor to block based on both early and late stages. Encoder active substance, the composition contains a cyanamide. It's very powerful and so taking the drug should under the supervision of a physician and only with the consent of the patient.

According to the instructions of the MCPFE drops treatment must begin within 12 hours after the last consumption of alcohol. The drug is taken orally 36-75 mg (12-25 drops twice a day with an interval between doses 12 hours). The duration of the course is individual – only a doctor can determine how many need to be treated on the basis of the test results.

  • Drops Cuprinol.

Drops from alcohol belong to the category of dietary Supplements, therefore, are not used in the treatment of the advanced stages of alcoholism. Directly encoding the drug does not. Natural components included in the composition of the drops against alcoholism, restore liver function and improve the excretory processes (that is, the toxins are released soon that takes "breaking" in a state of sobriety).

Remedy for alcoholism is a solution intended for internal ingestion. Manufactured in polymer vials with a volume of 2 ml. In box – 20 pieces (enough for a full course). Allowed to use funds without the knowledge of the patient as the naturalthe composition does not cause serious adverse reactions.

The instructions you need to pour one vial of Cuprinol in a glass of water, milk or added to food. Accepted remedy once a day. Drops do not need a doctor's prescription, but to buy them it is possible only through the Internet. In urban stores and pharmacies, the drug is not supplied.

  • A Solution Of Disulfiram.

Efficient coding tool (a direct analog of tablets Esperal). Puts a psychological barrier due to repeated strengthening of the symptoms of alcohol poisoning. Also causes more severe signs of withdrawal syndrome. Has many contraindications, so taken under supervision of a specialist and only with the consent of the patient. Minus bad effect on the liver and nervous system, so it is important to take strictly according to instructions.

Cost comparison

Compare prices on a drop in force against alcoholism

The name means against alcoholism

Estimated price in rubles

Alko Barrier

From 990 RUB


From 1100 RUB.


From 5100 RUB


From 1600 RUB.

Please note that in the treatment of alcoholism purchase some drops is not limited. Drops is just a part of complex therapy of dependence. Need more drugs to the intoxication of the patient, relieving symptoms related syndromes (e.g., withdrawal syndrome). If the treatment takes place in a private clinic, the cost of services includes testing, consultation with a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. On average, the whole complex of treatment of a person with an average degree costs about 9000-12000 rubles (in the absence of breakdowns that make the treatment longer and more complex).

Therapy by consent or without consent?

It is important to remember that the course of treatment with drugs does not guarantee that a person will get rid of alcoholism once and for all. Depending on the chosen means of encoding substances are excreted from the body in 3-6 months, that is, people may start to drink again and again to experience the same euphoria and cravings for alcohol.

Alcoholism is a chronic disease that requires a comprehensive approach with long-term physical, psychological and social rehabilitation. The desire of the patient to get rid of the craving for alcohol makes the therapy more successful than the treatment of the patient without his knowledge.

So, we discussed some of the subtleties of alcoholism treatment drugs. What are the drops listed in the article to choose to fightagainst alcoholism? It is better to ask the doctor after passing the laboratory tests. In the treatment process, it is necessary to remember about the rules of the medication, monitor the dosage and do not drink alcohol during the training. Only in this case chances to get rid of alcohol maximum.


Eugene Matyukhin (psychiatrist):

And I don't recommend alcoholism treatment supplements at home. I'm also against treatment without consent of patient. Effective treatment have a drinking problem can be only at desire of the person and his personal motivation. As shown by my practice, from drops the best effect can achieve the MCPFE.

Regina Tursunbekova (psychiatrist):

The second and third stage of alcoholism is better treated with drugs containing disulfiram. The stuff is strong, so medical supervision is required. If alcoholism yet, but there is a suspicion that people could become dependent – in this case, you can try homeopathic medicines and dietary Supplements. In other cases, nemedikamentozhnykh funds make do not recommend.


Dad quit drinking with the help of the MCPFE. So confirm that these drops are very good. Of the minuses – expensive price.


Twice encoded. The first time pills some Bud. Complete garbage. As I continued to drink and drink – no change, just money wasted. Now the course was held by disulfiram. Once fell on his head. Already from the second glass so I start to turn that thought will die. But after recovery, to alcohol completely ceases to pull, even now the thought of drinking vomiting begins.

Ivan Alexeev:

I do not know how to get rid of alcoholism without the knowledge. Wife tried to quietly dripped some solution into the food. I didn't even know about it (a year later the wife admitted). Yes. It was worse than alcohol, but still continued to drink. Only when he realized that he had become an alcoholic and he agreed to be treated (the doctor prescribed drops MCPFE) – only became noticeable result. Not had a drink in seven months.