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How are the methods of coding from alcoholism: the principles of effectiveness

Alcoholism is a disease and trouble for the patient's relative. Anyway, to cure an alcoholic is impossible, he will remain sick for the rest of his life. But it's not so bad. Modern addiction found effective methods of dealing with this disease. Using a variety of methods, the doctors ensure that the alcoholic will fully stop drinking.

Only a complete rejection of alcoholic drinks will allow you to return the alcoholic to a normal life, otherwise the negative effects of alcoholism will not keep you waiting.

To what methods of recourse for the treatment of alcoholism, what action is best to take?

What is the therapy

Coding from alcoholism — is the next step in treatment of the disease. In the first place before encoding from alcoholism is removed from the patient's body the entire ethyl alcohol, detoxification is carried out, and only then proceed to coding. The basic principle of coding from alcoholic dependence is the psychological impact on the patient to rid him from the addiction. All manipulations are carried out only with the consent of the patient, the compulsory treatment is forbidden by law. The main methods of coding I think:

  • drug exposure;
  • psychotherapeutic influence;
  • hypnotherapy;
  • hardware treatment.

Drug effects

Drugs for medical coding quite a lot. Each of them has its own mechanism of action. Therefore, these drugs can be divided into four groups:

  1. facilitate the patient's condition;
  2. causing aversion to alcohol;
  3. reduces the attraction to alcohol;
  4. the placebo effect.

Drugs of the first group relates to anti-alcohol is very conditional, as they do not reduce cravings for alcohol, but only facilitate the state after the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is well-known Alka-Seltzer, drinking remedy, and others.

Drugs that reduce cravings for alcohol is rather expensive on the territory of CIS practically applied. They are mostly used in European countries and the United States in the treatment of alcoholism. Analogues of these drugs, developed by native pharmacy, did not meet their expectations.

The action of the placebo effect based on a powerful psychological compulsion. To do this, use drugs that have no relation to alcohol. After their introduction, the doctor offers the patient a drink, but the resulting malaise debits not on the drug, and the accepted dose of alcohol. Most often this method is used nicotinic acid.

To instil disgustfor alcohol use the principle of unconditional reflex, ie, using the drug Disulfiram or medicines based on it. In the body the drug can enter in various ways: as tablets, injections or capsules for implantation. When taking these drugs together with alcohol, the patient experiences a nasty feeling that further libation loses its meaning.

Instead of the expected sensations, the alcoholic feels a sense of fear, headache, nausea, vomiting, and other unpleasant States. This method of encoding allows you to temporarily instill an aversion to alcohol. Without the constant support reflex dies away, and the alcoholic starts drinking again. Always use Disulfiram, as it is very toxic. Prescribe medications and dosage can be a doctor-psychiatrist.