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Procedure coding from alcoholism by injection into a vein and its consequences (price and reviews)

Alcoholism is a serious problem of mankind. The main danger is that from time to time, it seems that we are in control of when and how much to consume alcoholic beverages. However, the farther, the more difficult it becomes to keep yourself in hand, and in the end is not a person directs how much to drink, and the drinking starts to control the person.

How do the drugs

For coding injections used drugs in two types:

  • Disulfiram drugs inhibit the metabolism of alcohol in the body, almost 10 times increase in the amount of toxin acetaldehyde. This toxin causes severe symptoms of poisoning. The consequences of taking even a SIP of alcohol — a strong nausea, vomiting, palpitations, panic, dizziness, irregular bowel movement, shortness of breath, convulsions, headache.
  • Naltrexone drugs block endrofin responsible for getting pleasure from alcohol consumption. The negative effects of alcohol consumption remain (braking, hangover, etc.), but before them no euphoria and relaxation does not. Tolerated better than the previous drug (absent the effects of a severe poisoning), but also the effectiveness of it below.

The task of encoding the injections is to cause a negative emotional Association with the intake of alcoholic beverages, thereby to remove the addiction to regular consumption. If the encoded person is not drinking alcohol, then entered the drug does not manifest itself. The duration of blockade of the action of injections varies — on average it ranges from 1 to 3 years, but it is worth remembering that over time, the action becomes weaker, until it passes completely.

Minus coding injections — if a person goes wrong and will take in the period of action of the drug too much alcohol, the consequences can be so strong that it can even lead to death.

The advantages over other methods

Coding disulfiramum and naltrexone drugs can be not only in the form of injections, but also through tablets and implants. Different people in their reviews praise different ways. However, the encoding injections has several advantages:

  • Injections than with pills taken less frequently: pills should drink daily, often patients simply bored to accept them. In addition, injection drugs faster into the blood, so the action comes almost instantly. Injections are used with any form of addiction, pills is only for primary.
  • Injections compared with implants (binders) create a sense of the treatment, so they are serious. In addition, injections are cheaper than implants.

How much is the codinginjections

The price of coding an injection depends on the drug, its concentration (duration of action), the credibility of the clinic or doctor that put the injection and watching him. Here are the approximate prices of drugs for the coding from alcoholism:

  • Encode drug chemical protection for a year — from 3500 RUB.
  • Coding drug Esperal year — from 4000 RUB.
  • Coding drug Vivitrol for 4 weeks — from 2000 RUB.
  • Coding drug Algainas for 6 months — from 4000 RUB.
  • Coding drug Aquiring for 2 years — from 8000 RUB.
  • Encode drug chemical protection for six months — price 2500 RUB.

Why the shot might not work

Could the injection not work? This is rare, but happens to be talking about a few reviews. In one case out of thousands on people do not apply active substances included in the drug — effects of alcohol after encoding is not observed, the patient do not interfere to drink. There's nothing you can do about it — the reason the individual characteristics of the organism. One solution is to find another way of getting rid of alcoholism.

The injection may be in vain, and on a more trivial reason: blocking may not occur if the counterfeit. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous clinics who wish to save money on medications administered to their patients cheap pacifier, and take the money as for the original drug. It is therefore necessary to carefully choose the clinic carefully read the reviews on them and learning all the necessary certificates.

Requirements for therapy by injection

The following requirements exist:

  • Coding injections into the vein is made only after consultation with a specialist. To appoint a method of treatment of alcoholism is impossible.
  • The procedure is recommended to repeat no more than 3 times in a row (due to a fairly strong effect of drugs and pronounced side effects). If after the third injection in the vein coding of the substance people still came to alcohol consumption, it is necessary to try a different method of getting rid of alcoholism.
  • Injections can be done provided that the patient at least three days did not take alcohol (ideally the last intake of alcohol should be a week).
  • The decision about coding should make himself sick. In any case it is impossible to put it forcibly. It will not bring use.
  • When you put the injection it is important not only to consume alcoholic beverages, but to refuse food and medicines, in which alcohol is present (even the kefir and kvass can cause rejection).

It is not necessary to believe in an absolute miracle. From one injection full recovery will not happen. Indeed, in addition to physical thrust, there are stillpsychological. Yes, injections in the veins is not allow some time to drink as it causes terrible consequences, but the head, the patient will still want alcohol.

The inability to take a dose of alcohol can manifest itself in increased aggressiveness, apathy, depression, and various neurological disorders. Therefore, the coding rate should always be combined with sessions of psychological assistance, as well as the removal of toxins from the body, one to feel all the advantages of pure body. Supportive care reduces the likelihood of relapse.

Whom injections are not suitable

There are several contraindications to the encoding injections. This kind of getting rid of alcohol is prohibited in diseases of the cardiovascular system. The injections themselves can not be done in acute forms of respiratory viral infections, pregnancy, renal failure, cancer, diabetes. Very cautiously it is necessary to treat with injections of people with mental disorders. Disulfiram and naltrexone, are part of the coding medications can cause clouding of consciousness, psychosis, various hallucinations.

In other cases, the coding injections allowed and shows good results. In most patients even after completion of the encoding remains strong aversion to alcohol. Most importantly, so that people understand that alcohol is harmful to him and that he shouldn't drink any more. Do not abuse alcohol and be healthy!


Ivan, 53 years:

The naltrexone was coded two years ago. This injection does not relieve cravings — just drink, drink, and fun experience. Unfortunately, I do not consider this method effective. I was able to stay, but I understand that these — units. A big risk to drink several times more than coding — in the hope still to relax. And daily doses of alcohol can kill. On toxic disulfirame injections into the vein I do not agree. Somehow scared that if he gets off, you're going to die from poisoning.

Alexander, 29 years old:

Twice encoded. For the first time in the University — parents insisted. Bound me, but a year later again began to thump. Just then I was young, did not understand all the consequences. The second time was podzilla, when I realized that life because vodka is heading into the abyss. From work three times in binges expelled. His family is not. So he went to the clinic and a shot put. Since a couple of days before the injection well received — not a shot was painless. First day climbed the wall, I thought that will not survive. Then start to let go, although only the body. Head every day was pulled drink. So I signed up for group sessions. Frustrated for all this time, a few times, but after drinking thesethe feeling started that already bellowed in a voice.

Konstantin, 41:

Choose carefully the clinic where it will be encoded. As divorced charlatans. Tear up the money is huge, and themselves to inject some vitamins — on the second day you can drink and not feel anything.