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Analysis of the properties, advantages and disadvantages of the grass the puppeteer in the treatment of alcoholism

Puppeteer from alcoholism managed to help a lot. About its properties has long been known, but due to the rather high effectiveness has been proven. When applied correctly, there is a strong aversion to alcohol, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.

корень кукольника
If you choose this method of treatment, it is extremely important to follow the dosage. Because otherwise the consequences can be very unpleasant. First and foremost puppeteer is a poison and can cause the following changes:

  • lowering blood pressure;
  • dizziness;
  • General muscle weakness;
  • marked disorders of digestion, uncontrolled vomiting;
  • tremors and convulsions.

Treatment of alcoholism the puppeteer is due to the high content of different alkaloids. Used as the grass and roots. When the therapy did not require patient consent, and the results after application are quite remarkable, which is confirmed by numerous reviews. However, before using the still need to consult a doctor, because the active components may cause serious side effects.



The problem of alcoholism has faced from his own experience. From this relationship has suffered a brother, and the whole family was suffering from my brother. Any treatment was agreed. Tried to give pills, but all to no avail, as they refused and did not see a problem in your state. But one day, on the advice of friend, decided to try puppeteer. First, very afraid, because I've read that it is a real poison, and if even a little mistake in dosage, you can do serious harm. Then, after weighing all the pros and cons, decided to try. I mixed a few drops in the food, and the brother took no notice. But as soon as you drink, at once it became bad. Gradually developed an aversion to alcohol and completely stopped drinking. So when used correctly the method is really good.


The tool is good. It so happened that I had to experience its effectiveness. He realized that to quit drinking is necessary. But after the first pile went into a long binge. Thank you to my loved ones that saved me from addiction with the help of a puppeteer.


Support positive reviews, because the advantages of the plant for the treatment of alcoholism is really a lot. It's important not to forget that it's poison, and no examination by a doctor it is better not to apply. And if you dare, closely follow the well-being, because this herb has an effect on the heart and can lead to seriousviolations.