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Everything about alcohol treatment at home medical supplies

For centuries the companion of mankind is... alcohol. With the help of it people relax, build relationships, gain courage, forget about troubles and worries. If you know the measure of alcohol even useful. But, unfortunately, only a few are able to control yourself in drinking alcoholic beverages. And many people make alcohol a part of your life, taking a decent dose almost daily.

Sometimes a person has too late comes the realization that he was addicted to alcohol and number of drinks of beer or vodka so great that health consequences can be fatal. Sometimes this understanding does not occur at all. That's why alcoholism is a serious scourge of humanity, which should be exterminated with the help of experts or at home.

Be healed at home or in the clinic?

Ways to get rid of alcoholism are many. That's just the generic options that would guarantee 100% deliverance from addiction does not exist (and therefore reviews in a variety of methods will always be controversial — someone will write positive reviews, and someone extremely negative).

Someone helps even a few trips to the psychiatrist or psychologist, someone needed medical coding from alcoholism, gut-wrenching body inside out, even from one beer, and someone manages to get rid of bad habits with the help of folk remedies. In this article we will look at alcoholism treatment drugs.

To suit home therapy

The more advanced stage of alcoholism, the more serious treatments required. Of course, the treatment at home to serious methods do not apply, so it is only suitable for primary and secondary stages based on:

  • The first stage.

Missing defensive reaction (the vomiting of small and medium quantities of alcohol), the body gets used to alcohol. Observed palimpset (periodic lapses of memory — "remember to drink a third glass, and then darkness"). The consumption of alcohol becomes regular up to three times a week. For intoxication needs more alcohol than before (for example, if in past years enough 100 grams of vodka, now the dose has been increased several times). People looking for an excuse to drink, is no longer responsible for the actions, justifying their antics phrases like "what do you want from me, I was drunk".

Drug treatment at home at the first stage often shows good results effective in about 7 out of 10.

  • The second stage.

Psychological dependence on alcohol becomes very strong to drink, no longer requires a reason. Resistance to alcohol enoughstrong — at a moderate dosage even preserved performance, although previously from the same dose there came a strong intoxication. Prijepole periods — the patient gets drunk to 2-3 days in a row without breaks. Increasingly, people do not remember what he did while intoxicated. The physical hangover is added psychological (when she feels bad, but thinks that if you're going to drink, then everything goes).

Drug treatment at home second stage is effective only in 3 cases out of 10.

  • The third stage.

There is a white glow. Comes social, psychological and physical degradation. In a sober state there is demotiviruet depression and aggression. Hangover is extremely painful. Of control the amount of alcohol consumed is not ("to drink off of consciousness").

Drug treatment at home at a later stage is not effective. Requires the help of experts and treatment in stationary conditions.

Principles of home treatment

Medical treatment of alcoholism has two main objectives — the relief of major syndromes of alcohol dependence (withdrawal syndrome withdrawal syndrome and delirium tremens) and relapse prevention after the stabilization.

These goals have been achieved requires adherence to the rules:

  • Treatment drugs can not be instantaneous, for progress requires completion without interruption.
  • If in the course of treatment medicines were failures, then the course is cancelled. To continue it does not make sense, you want to take a break, to cleanse the body and begin treatment at first (after consulting with a doctor to prevent the fatal consequences of drug overdose).
  • Despite the fact that medication is being taken at home, his purpose and control is the responsibility of the doctors. Should not self-prescribe a drug, since drugs from alcoholism is very strong and the consequences of wrong choices can be severe.
  • Alcoholism treatment medication at home can be performed with the person's consent and without his knowledge. The first option is preferable, because the psychological desire to get rid of dependence is very important. Without it more than 60% of patients return to a bad habit after the course of treatment despite severe consequences.
  • You can't ignore the appearance of even a small side effects, as their appearance could signal that the drug is not suitable. If you experience side effects require consultation with a specialist to determine if you should continue to takethe drug or need to pick up analogue.
  • One treatment medication little also important psychological preparation of the patient. The support of family and systematic motivational interviews are mandatory for achieving good results. Without them, the consequences will be bad — people are likely to return to a bad habit.

What tools to use

The drugs used to fight addiction, are of the following types:

  • Cleansing products that remove residues of ethanol from the body (that is, conducting the toxicity of the body). In their feedback, the patients and doctors recommend to clean folic acid, activated charcoal or Enterosgel.
  • Drugs that reduce cravings due to the cupping effect of "pleasure" from alcohol. These tools include Finlepsin, Diazepam, Pentobarbital. Good reviews give drugs such as Lorazepam and Chlordiazepoxide.
  • Coding drugs that enhance the symptoms of alcohol poisoning. The person experiences physical pain from even small amounts of alcohol. These tools include Disulfiram, Abstine, Naltrexone, Antabuse, Teturam, a solution of the MCPFE.

Cons therapy drugs

Drug treatment at home was not the ideal way. As mentioned in the beginning, there are no perfect methods of treatment of alcoholism: one person, the medication will help, another doesn't. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, stages of addiction, psychological readiness for treatment and tolerability of drugs.

If you examine the reviews of people who passed through the deliverance from alcoholism of various pharmacological agents, they are the following disadvantages:

  • Frequent adverse effects of medication: side effects from drugs do much since they are strong enough. The effects might include: headaches, nausea, vomiting, weakness, reduced potency in men, insomnia.
  • The duration of the course is to get rid of dependencies that will have to be patient. Taking some pills takes several months.
  • High price. There are, of course, not the most expensive drugs (for example, Teturam is at $ 90 apiece), but they are very difficult tolerated by the body. Drugs with maximum effect and with minimal negative consequences are expensive: for example, Naltrexone — from 900 rubles. per pack, solution MCPFE — from 1700 RUB., Lorazepam — from 3000 RUB.

Is it worth it to put up with these disadvantages as the negative impacts, the high price and the duration of the course? Everyone has to decide it himself. The more that drug treatment at homein half of the cases is effective (this refers to the initial stages of treatment depending). We just need to remember the rules for admission of drug addiction treatment under the supervision of a specialist, pay attention to the dosage and do not drink alcohol during the training. Only in this case chances to get rid of alcohol maximum.