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Details about the symptoms, treatment and consequences of beer alcoholism

Unfortunately, at present, most clinicians and researchers agree in opinion that in Russia there is a real epidemic of alcohol beer. Many young people, not taking seriously the harm caused by consumption of beer, addicted to foamy drink without noticing it. According to the man, he is still healthy, but others only see problems with your health, and also expressed degradation that accompanies beer drinking. In this article we will try to illuminate the problem of addiction, describe the main symptoms and consequences of the disease, peculiarities of the process of adult men, women and youth talk about treatment.

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Manifestations of the disease

Imaginary harmlessness of beer leads to the fact that a lot of men and women are not aware of the problems until distinct symptoms of alcohol beer or relatives will not be convinced of the existence of the problem. To better understand when to sound the alarm, below are the stages of alcoholism:

  • Zero. The systematic use, symptoms of alcoholism and its consequences are not. The person from case to case drinking 1-2 bottles, you can stop. This stage is often considered household drinking, but the face is determined harder than when it comes to beverage alcohol. If the use becomes daily, then for about 1 year, the dependence of the flows to the 2nd stage.
  • 1st stage. There is a desire or craving for beer. Characterized by almost daily drinking of 1-2 bottles. Relatives of the patient start to notice the dependence, but as a rule, symptoms of alcohol beer visible weak. Consequences of not. At this stage you lose the ability to control the amount of consumed beer. At this stage, it is desirable to sound the alarm and take the test.
  • Stage 2. The patient's relatives with a beer addiction and the man himself to see he can drink a lot of beer (the main symptom). Sometimes we are talking about 10 or more liters, but the ability to say "stop" is lost on the ground glass. The danger of this stage among young people in that a large amount of alcohol consumed can be a source of pride that will further exacerbate the problem. Develop mental consequences of the abuse: degradation, decline of interest in the environment, loss of modesty and self-control. A person loses the ability to have fun, to experience positive emotions without the beer. The patient on the 2nd stage often develop depression or aggressive behavior.
  • Stage-3. Appear binges. The consumption of beer daily. Among people suffering beer alcoholism, this stage is characterized by the desire to use more spirits, as the effectbeer is not enough.

Beer alcoholism in women causes of reproductive disorders, infertility. Increases the frequency of development of breast cancer. Deficiency symptoms of the female sex hormones: grow antennae, coarser tone of voice. Quite scary female beer drinking in terms of the impact of beer on the child during fetal development, and if the mother drinks a beer during breast feeding.

  • The Central nervous system. Regular use of beer observed the death of brain cells. The youth even at the early stage of alcohol beer particularly evident decline in learning ability and drop of intelligence.

It is proven that beer contains substances, so his influence akin to the influence of the drug. The initial euphoria from the use of small doses replaced by aggression, lack of relaxation that require a larger amount of drink. By the way, the statistics show that beer gatherings often end with fights, killings and other criminal events.

  • Gastro-intestinal tract. Primarily affect the liver, but the symptoms of its defeat did not occur immediately. Initially, it may form alcoholic hepatitis, which is characterized by increase in size of the organ, reducing its detoxification properties.

The local effect of small doses of ethanol leads to the formation of gastritis, colitis. Over time, inflammatory processes are replaced by atrophic. The food is not digested properly, which leads to bowel problems. A person may be periodic diarrhea, intestinal pain. It is proved that among the suffering beer alcoholism increases the risk of cancer.

Over time, develop pancreatitis, cirrhosis of the liver.

  • Urinary system. Beer is a great diuretic. However, with the urine from the body are eluted useful minerals: potassium, magnesium, and vitamins. Potassium deficiency in a patient beer alcoholism leads to impaired heart function, seizures, deficiency of magnesium causes irritability, tearfulness. Over time, the kidneys can occur, heart attacks, hemorrhages.

Now great attention is paid to the development of beer alcoholism among young people. Do not think that the body at a young age are easier to cope with the disease and overcome illness. Everything is exactly the opposite. Scientists have noticed that young people are addictive and all changes in the internal organs occur faster than among adult men. Beer drinking in women is also quickly formed and leads to a bright negative consequences.

Therapy based on

Treatment beer alcohol is multidisciplinary in nature. As no twothe same people, so there is no universal schema therapy. There are several directions indicating how to cure beer alcoholism:

  • Encoding. Treatment of alcohol dependence it is impossible to imagine without this type of therapy. The effectiveness of the method with awareness of the existence of the problem is high. Features:
  1. Long-term actions.
  2. Side effects: pain and inflammatory reaction in the place of sewing, the incompatibility of drugs with the human body.
  3. Encoding is not possible without the consent of the patient and should be carried out with his knowledge.
  4. At home procedure usually is not performed. However, video review experts can be found on the network.
  • Drug therapy. Features of this type of treatment of beer alcoholism:
  1. The need for prolonged medication.
  2. The possibility of treatment at home.
  3. Pills can affect internal organs. A number of drugs not indicated for concomitant pathology.
  4. Without the knowledge of the suffering beer alcoholism treatment is contraindicated.

Tablets are the same as those from the conventional view of alcoholism.


Causing an aversion to alcohol

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  2. Teturam tablets 150 mg Price 150 RUB.

Relieving from the consequences of beer alcoholism

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  • Psychotherapy. The most common reason for the abuse of beer among young people are problems of a psychological nature, therefore, such treatment beer alcohol can prove to be highly effective. Disadvantages:
  1. The person must agree to treatment on their own.
  2. No physical aversion to alcohol, which form the pills.
  3. Some men and women do not recognize themselves alcoholics. Such treatment of alcohol beer will be ineffective.
  • Treatment at home folk methods. Advantages of home treatment are:
  1. Low cost.
  2. The possibility of without the knowledge of the person.

Among the shortcomings secrete low efficiency. Besides, doctors do not recommend treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of the alcoholic. If the treatment by the conspiracy without the knowledge of the person on physical health, most likely, will not be affected, a situation when an alcoholic hocus herbs without his knowledge, and after the person had poisoning, knowndoctors.

Everyone chooses how to get rid of beer alcoholism, treatment at home or in the clinic. Importantly, pills or any other method of treatment was assigned in a timely manner. This will increase the probability of recovery and will lead to the goal.