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Details about the characteristics of alcoholism in men

The first signs of alcoholism in men is as easy to recognize an alcoholic? Undoubtedly, there are lots of reasons to know about the secret (or obvious) the addiction of men to alcohol.

Alcoholism in the last decade has taken epidemic proportions, and one of its varieties, beer alcoholism, is not inferior in terms of drinking strong drink. This fact is hard to argue statistics because of the alcohol in the country, thousands of people die, and unfortunately, the downward trend is not observed.

Alcoholism in men is a disease and like any disease, it must be fought. And as with any illness, treatment will be effective only if the "grab" her in the early stages. And for this you must know first signs that alcoholism in men can be discerned. Fortunately, signs of alcoholism (and beer in particular) are so visible that they are difficult to confuse with any other disease.

"I look at you, as in a mirror"

The main symptom of alcoholism – the emergence of the counter compulsion to drink. And alcoholic "experienced", still trying to hide the shameful habit, is able to invent a lot of tricks, allowing him to SIP at home or go to a drinking establishment. This can be coined "the hour of the sailor", a desire to relieve tension, bad mood, and the man is an alcoholic is able to cheat themselves a fictional problem that appeared about a drink.

One of the "compelling" reasons, which accompanies the signs of beer alcoholism, fatigue at work and traditional formal poltorashka for its withdrawal. Such men after work going to the pub or grab beer or chekushku home.

Signs of primary attraction to alcohol clearly manifest in situations that are somehow linked or just associated with drinking.

The first signs:

  • Revival in the face, even at the simple mention of alcohol.
  • Mood swings, nervousness.
  • Autonomic reflex symptoms that appear before eating (swallowing, salivation, podmazyvanie").

An alcoholic is always focused on alcohol, reminiscing about the past or upcoming drunk with pleasure. In principle, an outsider is difficult to notice the first signs of the unpleasant habit. The first signs of disease can be attributed to anything: the character, the weather, and themselves aspiring alcoholics are not aware that "stand on the edge of the cliff".

Three steps lead down to the bottom

пьяный мужчина за барной стойкой
Signs of alcoholism in medical practice can be divided into three stages,a kind of "three steps to the bottom", of which the last stage is the region for which to pull held the alcoholic almost impossible:

  • Signs of the first stage

The period of development of this stage, every man is different, on average from one year to 8-10 years:

  1. There is a strong, persistent attraction to alcohol.
  2. Gradually, the man ceases to control the amount of alcohol consumed.
  3. The body is able to "accept" an increasing number of alcohol.
  4. Episodes of drunkenness are gradually moving into a permanent addiction.
  5. Develops VSD, loss of appetite, disturbed sleep.
  6. The identity of the man gradually transformirovalsya, interest in any areas of life decreases.
  • Signs of second stage

At this stage are particularly noticeable signs of degradation. This is especially pronounced among those who "still life" was successful and diverse interests of the individual:

  1. There is an irresistible craving for alcohol.
  2. Observed withdrawal (hangover) syndrome.
  3. The body is able to take from 0.5 to 1.5 liters of vodka.
  4. Appear degradation, instability, irritability, suppression of the will, rapid change of motives and desires.
  5. In "sober" period man it's hard to focus on any cases.
  6. Emotional background is unstable, the total of moral coarsening.
  7. There is a clear aggression, sometimes out of the blue and for no reason.
  8. Memory worsens, it takes physical strength, range of interests narrows.

Men can often see the signs of delirium, paranoia, hallucinations, that speaks about a common mental disorder that arises from prolonged drinking bouts.

  • Signs of the third stage

At this stage it is possible to observe an almost complete degradation of the individual, and the following were the people on the social level, the "deeper bottom":

  1. Withdrawal symptoms getting worse.
  2. Develop psychosis.
  3. Male drinking, long drinking bouts.
  4. The hangover comes from even small amounts of alcohol.
  5. Memory and intellect are "at the level of the floor."

At this stage, almost difficult to find out the person who was before sick with alcoholism. Any leisure in which no alcohol is present, is rejected completely.

Initial signs of alcohol dependence can for others and loved to look harmless and even fun. Close people, without noticing, unable to push the man to the second stage of the disease, periodic banquets, outdoor recreation with alcohol, a glass of vodka "for dinner" or beer cans and chips "just so".

If the morning begins not with coffee, but with beer

A separate line in the modern world drinking it is possible to allocate external (andinternal signs of alcohol beer. It's also a form of alcohol dependence, in which two sentences can be described as:

  • The morning starts with beer, and a liter of beer every day – all you need for happiness.
  • "Watermelon (belly) grows and the stem dries."

The last phrase is nothing like the wisdom of the people. Beer drinkers have a distinctive body structure: loose, saggy breast Breasts, big bellies. Developing "mirror disease" when a man can see his penis, not his head tilted, but only in the mirror. Then almost no desire for the opposite sex due to the fact that the beer contains phytoestrogens, which suppress production of the male sex hormone testosterone and promote a rebirth of the male on the female type. In addition, the vodka is carbon dioxide affecting the blood vessels, which in the end simply can not withstand the load on them.

The insidiousness of alcohol beer is unnoticeable its development. Initially no man may notice no effects, except intoxication.

The first signs, when to be wary:

  • During the day, a man consumes more than a litre of beer.
  • The presence of a "beer belly".
  • Aggression or bad mood in the absence of beer.
  • Problems with potency.
  • Frequent migraine.
  • Almost always begins with a morning beer.
  • Without a dose of the drink constant daytime sleepiness and insomnia at night.
  • Attempts to reduce the dose of beer fail.
  • For the purpose of euphoria it is necessary to constantly increase the dosage.

The man himself and the people around him should be remembered that the presence of at least a pair of these paragraphs speaks of "the first bells beer alcoholism.

Clinical signs foam addiction

External and internal symptoms of alcohol beer not much different from vodka, but such attachment develops faster with the destruction of the psyche and a violation of the internal organs and systems.

The most common:

  • Loose, sagging body overweight.
  • Hormonal failure (presence of phytoestrogens, the plant version of the female sex hormones).
  • An enlarged liver.
  • Degenerative changes in the heart.

When overweight develops shortness of breath, complexion is bluish, shortness of breath, pain in the lower back. Blood sugar increases due to a malfunction in the pancreas, felt persistent smell of acetone breath.

What to do and how to help themselves?

Sadly, to get rid of addiction this unit. Treatment should begin at the earliest stage and the best in specialized clinics, where it is carried outcomplex:

  • The elimination of the binge.
  • The detoxification methods.
  • Encoding.
  • Rehabilitation.

It is important to eliminate physical dependence and guide the process of treatment on restoration of metabolic processes in the body. In conjunction with drug therapy, conduct psychological, its purpose is to remove the dependence.

It is important to remember that curing an alcoholic is possible only when he wants it. Otherwise, there is a reason not to spoil his life and leave the drunkard alone with their addictions.