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She helps with a hangover in the home: an effective means

Many people wonder how to get rid of a hangover in the home. Because the likelihood of its occurrence is unpredictable. 90% consume alcoholic beverages at least once in life, faced with a hangover, which is also known as withdrawal syndrome. In this regard, it is useful to consider how to cope with a hangover as it is easier to recover and what tools will help you to quickly overcome the disease and move away from discomfort.

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At home to do this remedy is very simple. Necessary in a glass of warm water add a tablespoon of honey. The drink helps to quickly deal with intoxication and relieve hangover. It can be treated and simply honey without diluting with water.

  • Cocktail hangover.

To make it a little more complicated, but this treatment is very effectively. You have to mix one raw egg, tomato juice and a little pepper and salt. The resulting mixture should be a quick drink.

  • Mint tincture.

Dissolve in a glass of water 15-20 drops of alcohol tincture of peppermint. Drink should be fast. The result is a hangover regresses, and this treatment will effectively restore and get rid of the disease.

Medical methods

Medications effectively combined with non-pharmacological, connecting the traditional methods. Best medicine in order to accelerate the release of toxins in the home is the sorbents (activated carbon, preparations based on lignin, APSCO and others). It is advisable to treat a hangover with the help of diuretics. This means that increase urination. Against the background of increased fluid intake diuretics prevent the development of edema and speed up the process of cleansing the body. For the normalization of the nervous system can drinking rate glycine.

Today is very popular hangover cure with a combined composition. Such pills presented in a wide range in pharmacies and large stores. This accessibility and ease of use makes them very popular method to relieve a hangover at home. Most popular:

  • Alka-Seltzer.
  • Zoreks.
  • Aloprim.
  • Antipohmelin.
  • The my periodic sharpening.

Some of them need to drink before the intended celebration, and then again to drink in the morning after a feast. Other you should drink the morning after drinking alcohol. So before you remove a hangover at home with pills, one must study the instruction manual.

There are many different ways to get rid of a hangover in the home. Recommendations on what to do with a hangover that is common to all. But experiencedby everyone will choose the most optimal treatment, and will be able to determine how to eliminate withdrawal syndrome.