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All of the treatment tablets alcohol dependence without the consent of the patient

Since the middle of last century, alcoholism was included in the official classification of diseases. Therefore, the elimination of this disease will help a doctor. One of the effective remedies are pills for alcohol dependence. In addition, this form of drugs allows treatment without the knowledge of the patient.

Today in pharmacies can find a wide range for the treatment of alcoholism, and many of the reviews indicate that this method is effective. But it should be noted that the methods of treatment of alcoholism without knowledge of the patient have a lower efficiency than when a sufferer from alcohol, bottle of wine, consciously decides to deal with the problem. After all, alcoholism plays an important role that awareness of the problem, the desire to get rid of dependence and self-motivation.


All proceeds from alcoholism can be divided into the following main groups:

  1. Pills that cause aversion to alcohol (torpedo, Esperal, Teturam).
  2. Drugs that reduce cravings for alcohol (Proproten 100, Metadoxil, Acamprosate).
  3. To reduce withdrawal syndrome and treatment of mental disorders on a background of reception of alcohol.
  4. To reduce the severity of the effects of ethyl alcohol on the body.

The mechanism of their action is different. However, the effectiveness of each drug is determined by the individual characteristics of the drinker. Below is a look at the most popular and common means used without the knowledge of the patient.

  • Esperal tool whose main component is disulfiram. The main action of a substance is the blockade of the enzymes involved in the metabolism of alcohol. As a result, in the blood increases the concentration of acetaldehyde, which causes unpleasant symptoms when drinking ethanol. The treatment is based on the fact that the patient develops aversion to alcohol.
  • Teturam as Esperal, contains in its composition of disulfiram in a dose of 150 mg Treatment alcohol dependence this drug is aimed at the formation of aversion to alcohol. Mechanism of action similar to the action of Asperula.
  • Proproten 100 represents antibodies to moskomarhitectura squirrel. The tool has antihypoxia, antiabstinentnoe and neuroprotective effects.
  • Metadoxil reduces the craving for alcohol. Also, the tablets have a antidepressant, hepatoprotective and anxiolytic effects. These tablets are used not only in alcohol dependence. With this tool it is possible to treat the hangover, as the active substance accelerates the metabolic conversion of ethanol and its derivatives excretion from the body.

Acetylglutamine contains acamprosate calcium, thanksto which, the normalization of the processes of inhibition and excitation of the Central nervous system, and also reduced craving for alcohol.

Method of use

Esperal need to start taking 0.5 g in the morning, during meals, and then gradually reduce the dose to half or quarter tablets. The dose is adjusted depending on tolerability. Support is usually up to 0.2 g per day. The treatment can last up to several years. Throughout the course recommended to consult with a doctor and periodically disulfiram-alcohol test.

Teturam is taken in a dose of 0.25-0.5 g. the Exact dosage is chosen based on the individual characteristics of the organism. Treatment is monitored by conducting the alcohol test.

Proproten 100 comes in the form of drops and tablets for sucking. Means you cannot take during a meal, and this complicates the treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient.

Metadoxil take half an hour before meals. The dose is prescribed by the physician depending on indications and individual characteristics of the patient. Typically, the therapeutic dose is 1-3 tablets per day. Treatment of alcohol dependence lasts up to three months.

Acamprosate, take one or two tablets in the morning and evening during meals. Dose is determined by body weight of the patient. The duration of treatment is about one year.

It is best if the treatment is carried out in specialized narcological hospital. However, in this case without knowledge of the patient to realize this is not possible. In any case, the use of drugs should be complemented by psychological work. And this will help to help experienced psychologists and psychotherapists.

Side effects can be of varying severity, from nausea and vomiting to serious violations of functioning of cardiovascular and nervous system. Therefore, when using tools that cause aversion to alcohol, it is important that the patient is under supervision, ideally under the supervision of medical workers.


Tablets alcohol dependence have a number of contraindications. So as not to harm the health of the patient should carefully study all features of the application and mechanisms of action of drugs. Therefore, before using drugs it is advisable to examine drinking to exclude States that require the presence and supervision of medical staff.

This includes the following pathology:

  • heart disease associated with myocardial ischemia;
  • the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • the inflammatory process in the heart muscle;
  • diabetes out of compensation;
  • sharpglomerulonephritis;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • mental illness, epilepsy.

The cost

Products belong to different price categories. Given that treatment for alcohol dependence, usually long, and the costs will be considerable. However, it is clear that addiction is much more important than material costs. The table presents the main drugs and prices.

The drug Price
Esperal, table. 500 mg, 20 pieces 1200 RUB.
Teturam, table. 150 mg, 50 PCs. 210 RUB.
Proproten, 100 tab., 40 PCs 250 RUB.
Metadoxil, table. 500 mg, 30 EA. 1440 RUB
Acamprosate, table. at 333 mg, 48 PCs. 3800 RUB.

Often the treatment of alcohol dependence is only possible without the knowledge of the patient, because he is not always aware of the seriousness of the problem. And with the further consumption of alcohol leads to serious consequences in the form of multiple organ failure. In this regard, created a large range of products in various dosage forms. Numerous testimonials confirm the effectiveness of these drugs, which gives more motivation in getting rid of addiction and encouraging.



For many years liked to drink. But in the future my "liked to drink" turned into a chronic disease and a serious addiction. The worst thing is that I didn't see it. For me, the fascination with spirits was not something dangerous: I thought it was just entertainment and recreation. Thank you to the family that noticed my illness and pulled out of the vicious state. First gave me some drops, and then the pills. In General, gradually the craving for strong drink was becoming less and in a sober mind the thought of having to finally get rid of the addiction. As a result, two years sober, found a good job and personal life is normal.


For itself decided that alcohol addiction should be fought, but the psychological make up of my addiction was so strong that still occasionally lurked. Went to the doctor ― he told me to try Esperal. During treatment, was tempted by a couple of glasses of beer. Thought nothing, but then almost went to the hospital. The reaction, indeed, is not predictable: pressure, heartbeat strong, and even vomiting. In General, once was enough, and now six months do not drink.


My brother helped Teturam. Gave him under the guise of cough tablets. As a result, already two years does not drink.