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The whole truth about the harm of beer for men body

Beer — the heady drink that can quench your thirst and lift your spirits. A slight alcohol content, so many consider it perfectly harmless. However, this is not the lemonade, and like any alcohol, it can cause harm. Today we talk about the risks posed by the consumption of for men.

Features of the influence of beer

  • Potency.

Alcohol in small doses has the ability to relax and increase your confidence. Actually, for this it a and love. Upon contact with girls self confidence help — no wonder many prefer to drink a couple of glasses of "courage" and mood. But excessive consumption of beer can play a deplorable joke.

The fact that beer contains natural phytoestrogen — analogue of the female hormone, which does not place in the male body. Coming into conflict with male hormones, he either is suppressed by testosterone (if slightly drunk), or detrimental to potency. The desire remains, but to implement it in bed with each drunk a Cup will be harder.

  • The liver.

Half of the diseases of the body associated with the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, including beer. With weekly consumption of over 5 litres every second men will be adaptive hepatomegaly (enlarged liver in size). If you do not stop taking alcohol, it will grow into a hepatomegaly steatosis. The most severe disease of the liver from the effects of her alcohol — hepatitis, fibrosis, and irreversible cirrhosis. The outcome of the latter disease in most cases lethal.

  • Kidneys.

Beer contributes to the activation of secretory processes in the organism in which leached nutrients and minerals. It would be conspicuous if the men were limited to one glass of beer. But it is possible to very few people — many a night unable to drink more than 2 liters of beer. Naturally, your kidneys experience increased stress, which may be a sclerosis of the renal vessels and the heart attack.

  • Heart.

Regular consumption even of low alcohol products is very bad for the condition of blood vessels and the main motor of the human heart. The fact that drinking liters of beer in proportion to the increase blood volume. And the heart and vessels remain the same after all. Imagine how hard they have!

As a result of excessive consumption of beer is called Caproic syndrome — vessels become sluggish, and the heart of man begins to work intermittently: developing ischemic heart disease, pressure surges occur, the patient is experiencing chest pain and shortness of breath. This condition is called alcoholic cardiomyopathy. There may be bleedingand thromboses. Beer drinkers are particularly at risk — they are prone to the development of angina, coronary heart disease, which can result in myocardial infarction.

  • The exchange processes.

Lover of beer is very easy to recognize, simple to sign — beer belly. The fact that beer is a highly caloric product. To disperse the gain calories, required hours of training after taking the beer. But who runs the gym after get-togethers with friends in the pub? Unit!

The situation is complicated by the fact that alcohol changes the metabolism in the body. Got hold of body fat and atrophy of the press from a sedentary lifestyle, then put yourself in order is extremely difficult.

Beer also promotes a conclusion from an organism of mineral substances. It is noticed that excessive consumption of the beverage reduces the content of potassium, and this leads to deterioration of bones and joints, frequent cramps, dryness of the skin, diseases of hair and nails. There may be a deficiency of vitamin C, which causes a decrease in immunity.

  • Hormonal changes.

We have mentioned that beer contains natural tarragon. Besides the bad effect on potency, it even promotes the growth of breast, change in voice, increased hair loss. Such changes in the body is absolutely not adorn men.

  • Stomach.

Hops is considered a medicinal plant, but when the fermentation starts to stand out carcinogens harmful to the body. It is because of them a beer product is heavily tolerated by the digestive system. Men abusing beer, subject to the development of gastritis, stomach ulcers and even cancer.


The harm of beer alcoholism not less than the dependence on vodka or wine. Like any other alcohol, beer contains substances, which create an intoxicating effect to which so many aspire. But gradually start getting used, the body requires an increasing amount of drink.

At higher doses of beer begin to show the alcoholic excesses. Symptoms include significant memory impairment, reduced attention and ability to learn. Narcologists believe that beer contributes to cruelty. This explains the frequent occasions when beer gatherings end showdown, fights and robberies.

Beer alcoholism is found even more often than vodka. Here only to be treated from this beer alcoholism in the early and middle stages agree to a few men, believing that they are not sick, and the beer is absolutely harmless drink. 92% of male patients to seek help already in the severe stages of addiction, when to get rid of it is difficult, and the injury becomes irreversible.

To sum upthe results

In this article, we have listed the main danger faced by a man abusing beer. But it's not so bad. In moderation, this drink does not cause harm. He even has some benefits — it helps to remove stones from kidney, warm helps to cope with a sore throat, contains a large number of proteins and amino acids, removes toxins from the body (due to the diuretic properties). But if you abuse beer, the harm will be much greater than the benefit. So remember about the measure and be healthy!