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Photo balanta men

Balanitis – inflammation of the skin cover the penis head, as an independent disease is rare. Normally, doctors register an inflammation of the foreskin and the skin of the head balanoposthitis. But this is not one and the same disease has some great symptoms.

According to the medical criteria balanta can be considered not only inflammation but also allergic reaction and disease noninflammatory nature. According to the International classification of diseases, balanitis appears under the designation N 48.6. often, balanitis is triggered by a bacterial infection, but sometimes the agent gets the fungus Candida.

In children balanitis often occurs in the case when was not carried out the procedure of circumcision. This is because the skin on the glans penis in children, the skin shifts a little, so in the absence of proper hygiene, the infection develops. In infants balanitis may develop with prolonged wearing of the diaper.