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Pictures of balanoposthitis in men

Balanoposthitis, a disease occurring in acute or chronic form, affecting the glans penis and foreskin. According to statistics, balanoposthitis occurs in 3% of men. Main indications: inflammation, pain and itching, accompanied by edema. Possible appearance of cracks, ulcers and purulent exudate. Very often a complication of balanoposthitis is the phimosis (constriction of prepuce), paraphimosis, and urethritis.

Time has not eliminated balanoposthitis leads to the fact that the head of the penis becomes less sensitive, orgasm difficulty, all this adversely affects potency in men.

The infection often acts as the main causes of inflammation of the glans penis: strep, STD, anaerobic cocci. In some cases, a papilloma virus, or fungus Candida. In very rare cases, balanoposthitis is no impact of infection, in such cases the disease has a toxic or allergic in nature.

A significant role in the development of inflammation play external and internal factors: lack of hygiene, chemical irritants, diabetes, all diseases that are accompanied by water retention in the body.
The beginning of the acute balanoposthitis, with itching and discomfort, the head of the penis swells, becomes congested with off-white and sometimes gray patina, with finely rashes. In diseases caused by non-infectious agent, often develop a chronic form in the absence of proper treatment.

In severe balanoposthitis in the pathological process involved inguinal lymph nodes, skin cracks, appear erosions and ulcers. Scars tightening foreskin, which further aggravates the disease.