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Pictures of warts on the genitals in men

Warts on the penis in men appear in the defeat of the body by the human papilloma virus (HPV). Everything in nature has more than 60 varieties of this virus, it should be remembered that HPV is easy to catch, but very hard to cure.

Genital warts can be localized around the head of the penis and in the anus, their size varies, color white or flesh. Mokroborodova have with most men, unaware that they are "carriers" of HPV, usually these tumors are not visible to the naked eye, do not cause inconvenience. Warts are prone to rapid spread and growth, they bleed when traumatized, changing color and shape, if not properly treated tend to form scars, scars or malignant reborn.

To catch HPV, you can contact, in this case unprotected intercourse. There are cases of infection through hygiene items and household way.

Do not confuse the two concepts "warts" and "genital herpes", which looks like bubbles, filled with liquid, after opening remain reddish sores. Warts on the penis blisters do not form. Also, genital warts can be similar angiokeratoma, bright purple or reddish spots resembling bubbles.