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Pictures of phimosis in boys

Phimosis – an abnormal condition in which a complete exposure of the glans penis in boys is impossible. This is due to the narrowing of the foreskin, forcibly sliding the prepuce causes severe pain.

Newborns boys almost 97% of cases, phimosis is a normal physiological condition due to the fact that the foreskin is insufficiently mobile. In 80% of cases of phimosis occur in boys up to 6 months but before 3 years of age the head of the penis should be free to be naked almost 91%. According to statistics, physiological phimosis may be the norm until the boy 6-7 years.

In the case where the phimosis to occur in boys after the age of 7 years, it is considered a pathology and requires radical intervention. The inability to move the prepuce is completely fraught with complications even in cases of physiological phimosis. In the absence of proper hygienic procedures most often develop balanoposthitis.

The main symptom – the inability to complete erection of the penis head that little boys causing the problem in urination, restlessness and excessive straining.

It is believed that the only real way of eliminating pathological forms of phimosis is circumcision, in the practice of all other existing forms of therapy do not bring proper results.