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Pictures of symptoms of impotence in men

Impotence – impotence is treated in medicine as the inability of a man to commit a sexual act. Often indicates the underlying disease, the elimination of which the potency is restored. The causes of impotence in men be the endocrine, cardiovascular, nervous disorders and problems in the urogenital area.

In men, erectile dysfunction is often the cause of deep depression, there are signs of disharmony in family relationships due to the lack of sexual relations. Impotence (erectile dysfunction) can be represented as a flaccid, drooping penis. ED is characterized as inability to achieve a man an erection in a natural way with the aim to make normal intercourse.

Currently, the achievements of modern andrology are such that in most cases, signs of impotence and the causes of its occurrence quite easy to remove, so restore sexual life for men is not such a formidable task.*