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How and why do male circumcision: photos and videos

Circumcision, or circumsize, is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the foreskin. However, not all are knowledgeable about the nature of the intervention. In this connection there are such questions as how painful and dangerous, how many years should be the patient, and others. Including the question of why circumcision. Try to understand the indications and technique of operation. A variety of photo and video will help you better understand the essence of this intervention. In the photo you can notice the difference before and after the intervention.


Certain ethnic groups, circumcision is a mandatory manipulation, which is held each boy. For example, male circumcision is practiced in Muslim and Jewish families. A tribute to the traditions and religious beliefs. But, in addition, there are medical indications for performing this procedure in men. These include the following:

  • Phimosis and paraphimosis.

These States are characterized by the narrowing of the foreskin of the penis, causing it to roll back and open the head becomes impossible. The photo shows the severity of phimosis.

And the next photo clearly demonstrates the difference of phimosis from paraphimosis.

And the video shows the progress of circumsize in this pathology men.

  • Condylomatous.

Warts are a benign growth that may affect the glans penis and foreskin. The reason for their appearance lies in the infection by human papillomavirus. The photo shows this pathology

  • Premature ejaculation.

Circumcision in this case is a radical way of eliminating the problem. It should be noted that resort to its use is necessary in cases of failure of conservative therapy.

  • Erythroplakia.

This is a precancerous condition that may subsequently lead to the emergence of malignant tumors of the penis. But it is not always the removal of the foreskin can stop the progression of the pathological process.

Stages of surgical intervention

Circumcision for religious reasons is in early childhood. In this case, the principle "the sooner, the better." Otherwise, any age-related contraindications do not exist.

Now take a closer look at how circumcision is done to men. Special preparation before surgery is not required. It will be enough of a standard list of tests to exclude contraindications.

After that, the doctor chooses the appropriate type of anesthesia. This is usually the localanaesthesia, but in special cases can be intravenous anesthesia. With adequate anesthesia conducting excision of the foreskin it does not hurt. For local anesthesia is typically used novocaine or lidocaine. In fact, pain relief is the first stage of male circumcision. Further ahead the following steps:

  1. Excision of the prepuce, making it possible to expose the head of the penis.
  2. Stop bleeding from blood vessels — hemostasis.
  3. Sutures (most efficient use of absorbable sutures).
  4. Dressing.

More like circumcision, demonstrated in the video

And on video

The following video shows how is the post-operative bandaging.

It is important to note that the amount of interference depends on the applied methodology. Their differences lie in how mm manages to expose the head of the penis in a result of male circumcision. On this basis distinguish the following ways:

  • Partial circumsize incomplete opening of the head.
  • Minimum incising only separate a small section of the foreskin, such as the rumen.
  • Free — circumcision, in which it is possible to completely expose the head of the penis.
  • Tight — removed the entire foreskin, thus there is the tension of the skin and the glans penis becomes practically immobile.
  • High — is accompanied by the removal of a large portion of the skin.
  • Low — deletes all of the inner tissue of the foreskin in men.

The question of how much of the fabric of the foreskin to remove, the doctor will decide. However, taken into account the wishes of men.

The cost

The most accurate information about how much it costs circumsize, you can get in the selected health institution. Of course, the price will depend on the type of ownership of the clinic. That is, in a private clinic procedure typically costs somewhat more. But let's try to determine what is the average cost of the intervention.

On average Moscow male circumcision costs from 10 thousand to 50 thousand rubles the Amount given with all the necessary tests, anesthesia, postoperative dressings and removal of sutures. In the regions the price can be less.

Now, when it became clear why circumcision and, most importantly, how you do it, everyone can make some conclusions and to decide whether or not to undergo this intervention. To make a choice will also help numerous photos and videos. In any case, it is important to remember thatfrom a medical perspective, male circumcision has a beneficial effect on the body, besides it doesn't hurt.