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Photos of hemorrhoids in men (as it looks)

Hemorrhoids, one of the most common pathologies in men. Hemorrhoids proctologic disease, characterized by the increase of hemorrhoids, inflammation, bleeding and prolapse of anus. In Greek "hemorrhoids" means bleeding, which is one of the most striking manifestations of this disease. In addition the man is bothered itching, burning, recurrent prolapse from the anus hemorrhoids of mucous from the anus.

There are internal and external hemorrhoids, and the first visual inspection to diagnose impossible. A small number of nodes, but in the absence of characteristic disease symptoms, is not considered a pathological condition and does not require treatment, a larger percentage of men in any degree are always enlarged hemorrhoids.

Clinically the pathology is confirmed by the presence of thrombosis of external hemorrhoids, prolapsed internal, itching, bleeding, burning and soreness when urinating. In Russia it is accepted in 75% of cases treatment of hemorrhoids surgical methods, conservative methods of treatment are effective in the case of the detection of disease at an early stage with timely treatment to the doctor.