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Photos of circumcision in men before and after surgery

The circumcision (male circumcision), Latin term meaning the removal of the foreskin on social, religious, medical, national reasons.

Circumcision can eliminate a number of pathological conditions, which are only for uncircumcised men. In particular: inflammation of the urinary tract, difficulty urinating, skin disease, risk of cancer of the prepuce, susceptibility to AIDS.

The operation is very painful, sometimes cause of development of pain shock. Anesthesia boys up to 2 months is not possible, is that they are not sensitive to this kind of pain. Blocking spinal nerve is not considered effective, but sometimes helps with the operation at an older age. However, during the rehabilitation period (up to 14 days) boys suffer from pain when urinating, as the wound is open.

General anesthesia puts the boys up to 14 years, adult men applied local anesthesia. After circumcision, many have a problem with the sensitivity of the penis head, because now she is constantly naked condition.

Circumcision is performed only in medical institutions by a qualified doctor, as wrong operation may end in failure.