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Photos of inguinal hernia in men

Inguinal hernia in men – out of the abdominal cavity through the inguinal canal beyond the natural disposition. Visually it looks like a protrusion in the groin area. Diagnostically determined during the inspection of the surgeon, carrying out special research methods. Treatment is only surgical (hernia repair).

Hernia in the groin, according to statistics, are more common in men than other types of abdominal hernias due to weakness of muscles and tendons, at least – after surgery.

The first sign of a hernia is the appearance of peculiar protrusions of different size, which increases with the slightest tension of the abdominal wall. Accompanied by pain of varying intensity, when the infringement of the caecum appear gastrointestinal disorders, if the hernial SAC descends the bladder in men, there are signs of dysuric disorders up to acute urine retention.

With full infringement of a hernia with all the content she becomes tense, there are signs of pathogenie gases rapidly growing groin pain, vomiting and nausea. Complications: koprostaz, inflammation and necrosis of affected area, ischemic orchitis.

Treatment is only operational with the elimination of the defect through abdominal hernioplasty.