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Photo of human papillomavirus infection in men

HPV (papilloma infection) filtering the virus is characterized by the formation on the skin and mucous tumor growths.

HPV infection has a chronic course with relapses, high susceptibility to the virus in the genital area in men, there are high chances of development of malignant tumors and the occurrence of bleeding.

Warts (condylomata) is a papillary formation on the stem, soft, ploskovice structure, often located "bushy" and tend to stick together, the colonies form a "cauliflower ear". Men are more often in the region of the penis, causing psychological discomfort and sexual problems. When injury occurs papilom infection, odor, pain and itching. They can turn into malignant form.

Human papillomavirus infection is related to an STI, so its treatment is engaged in the doctor-venereologist. The spread of the virus often occurs in any type of sexual contact. The only radical treatment on the background of systemic antiviral treatment.