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Photo prostatitis in men with explanations

Prostatitis (acute, chronic) in men, inflammation of the prostate gland, common in men of different age (25-50 years). According to statistics, prostatitis, mostly chronic forms, are recorded from 30-85% of patients older than 30 years.

Characteristic signs: pain, difficult urination, erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorder complicated by depressive States.

The diagnosis is made by typical symptoms in the clinic by a physician-urologist (andrologist). As additional studies prescribed the cultures, ultrasound of the prostate.

Prostatitis are caused by infection in the prostate tissue surrounding or remote from the pathological focus. In addition, there are a number of factors that increase the risk of prostatitis (intoxication, trauma, lack of exercise, etc.).

When complications of acute prostatitis and the absence of treatment there is a risk of abecedarian prostate autopsy pathogenic lesion in the bladder or the rectum.

Chronic prostatitis has a fluctuating course, long occurs latently or with scarce symptoms. Patients often go to the doctor-the urologist only in exacerbation of the disease. One of the most frequent complications in chronic prostatitis – epididymoorchitis, vesiculitis, as the frequent outcome of the disease is infertility.