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Pictures of pimples on the head in men

Pimples on the head of the penis men can be as a purely physiological symptom not requiring treatment, and a symptom of dangerous diseases. Pimples without causing discomfort and located on the frenulum of the penis often during puberty.

Squeeze any pimples should not be, it is fraught with creation of a suitable background for the introduction of pathogenic microorganisms with the subsequent development of complications.

Pimples located on the edge of the head, pointed and have a pinkish color are not considered pathological. This so-called "pearl glands", are normal and don't cause any uncomfortable relations.

Pimples, located directly at the head of the penis, can "speak" about the development of urogenital infections or STIs. Bubble-like pimples indicate the outbreaks of genital herpes, which is sexually transmitted.

Multiple rash, especially in hot weather, can be a failure to man the elementary rules of hygiene or if you use substandard detergents.

If the acne appeared after unprotected sexual intercourse, accompanied by inflammation, swollen lymph nodes, you should immediately consult a doctor.