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Pictures of syphilis in men

Syphilis, a sexually transmitted (infectious) disease, characterized by wolnoobraznae and long period. This is a systemic pathology that affects the whole body in men. Secondary syphilis is present in the body years, alternating with periods of exacerbations and remissions. The latent form does not manifest itself.

Syphilis is contagious, and is in first place among sexually transmitted infections, spread of disease, harm to health, the difficulties associated with diagnosis and therapy.

Treponema pallidum, multiplies in the lymphatic system of man, in the stage of secondary syphilis is in the blood system in high concentrations. In the external environment can survive in moist and warm environment up to several days.

Male-syphilitic contagious, especially in the time of appearance of the characteristic rash. The main route of transmission (98%) – sex, also can be infected through saliva (kissing), blood, when using a razor, a needle. Rarely – household transmission. A necessary condition for the infection – any injury of the mucosa and skin.
The primary pathology is a chancre. Edge smooth, clear, with bottom brilliant bluish-reddish color, with a scanty serous content. Painless ulcer (erosion) of round shape. The chancre is not treated by means of local aseptic treatment.

Secondary syphilis manifests itself after 2-4 months, lasts for years, with the generalization of the infection. Is the defeat of all organs and systems, external rashes appear on the skin and mucous membranes everywhere.