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Photo repernoj disease in men

Gonorrhea (Trippernoy disease), sexually transmitted disease, which is caused by a specific microroganisms – gonococcus. Trippernoy disease in men affects the mucous membranes of the genito-urinary organs, route of transmission unprotected sexual intercourse in childhood is possible and another way of infection.

Permanent immunity after parabolani gonorrhea is not developed, but in some cases, there may be resistance to "own" trippernoy disease, therefore symptoms of the pathology disappear, but the man is a carrier of infection and a dangerous source of infection for another person.

The first symptoms of a pathological condition appear after 3-5 days in the form of itching, burning sensation in meatus and feeling the heat. Unpleasant symptoms are worse during urination, then redness and adhesion of meatus.

Allocation, in the beginning slight, grayish in color, but in a few days becoming purulent, become rich, dense yellowish-green hue. Night a man tormented by pain in spontaneous erections, in the absence of treatment trippernoy the disease spreads to all the organs of the urogenital system, mostly of the testicles and prostate takes a chronic course. If poor treatment or men "trippernoy of the chronics" may develop gonococcal arthritis. It is characterized by purulent lesions of the ankle or knee joint.