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Photo surgical removal of the testicles in men

The removal of the testicles in men, orchiectomy – surgery is full (two-way) or unilateral removal of the testicles. Deletion is strictly by physician only after examination of the patient, which confirms the necessity of such a radical intervention.

Indications for orchiectomy – traumatic crushing of the testicles to reduce testosterone levels during sex change, abscess, cancer of the prostate, breast, testicular. Surgery is performed under General or epidural anesthesia. Preoperative preparation is not difficult, but when planning hemicastration the patient shown consultation of the psychologist that he was prepared for such an intervention.

When you remove a testicle and appendages are excised and the sheath, but that visual was retained normal appearance of the genitals, the man hold the prosthesis. Within 2 weeks after the orchiectomy, it is recommended to wear a special bandage (jockstrap).