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How is and how long is the surgery for inguinal hernia repair in men

Surgery to remove an inguinal hernia is a radical method of therapy. The feasibility of the operation in each individual case considering only specialist. And if the doctor says that surgery is important, it means: another way out there.

мужчина сидит на краю кровати и держится за голову

Inguinal hernia in men ‒ abnormal protrusion of peritoneum into the cavity of the inguinal canal.

Hernia brings a lot of discomfort, and before you decide to remove it, the representative of the stronger sex in the first place interested in how it will be treated, what is the cost and how long will the postoperative period and recovery period. Types of methods for removal of inguinal hernia a few, but the choice of method should take into account the opinion of the surgeon.

Public method

If he was elected this method, then the operation is performed through incisions in the region of the inguinal canal and peritoneum in close proximity to the protrusion. During the operation is extracted and excised the hernial SAC. Compulsory inguinal hernia repair with their own tissue or mesh implants. Read more on video (1).

But currently, during surgery to remove an inguinal hernia is most often used polymer mesh, so as not create the tension of the muscles and the risk of relapse is minimized. After a few hours the patient can leave the hospital, but to prevent complications prescribed antibiotics. Treatment of painful symptoms in men after the surgery is reduced to accept anesthetics. The sutures are removed after 10 days. Rehabilitation does not take much time, and after 2-3 months the man begins to live a full life. But, as with all surgical interventions, possible complications:

  1. The foreign body sensation.
  2. Chronic soreness.
  3. Ischemic orchitis.
  4. Atrophy of testicles in men.
  5. The violation and pain during ejaculation.

The laparoscopic method

Removal of inguinal hernia in men in this case is performed under General anesthesia, unlike the open, where the surgery is performed under local or epidural anesthesia. Laparoscopy lasts more time than the intervention in an open way, and 3 is conducted through a puncture in the anterior abdominal wall. Then followed the same manipulation, and open access. That is carried out the removal of the hernia SAC, and then perform plastic or inguinal canal, or install a special grid. Thistreatment requires some training, during which the diet must be balanced and not include foods that stimulate gas formation in the intestine. A detailed course of manipulation in the video (2).

After surgery, the patient remains for some time in the hospital under medical supervision. How much time will it take, decided by the doctor. This period important for the prevention of possible postoperative complications. The recovery of the body for men after the laparoscopy is reduced to 2 weeks. This means that the man had returned to a normal life without regard to the load and the power. However, there are a number of features that make to treat this method more closely:

  • Treatment should only be performed by an experienced surgeon (more than 200 laparoscopic operations per year).
  • This treatment is not recommended for the elderly with cardiopulmonary diseases.
  • The surgeon will offer treatment by the open method, if you already underwent surgical intervention in the lower part of the peritoneum.
  • Laparoscopy in men may be appointed at large inguinal-scrotal hernias.

The recovery period

Rehabilitation after surgery for his inguinal hernia is required, despite the fact that the duration of recovery is different. But the full recovery of the body requires the fulfilment of certain rules, and they are common for any kind of surgery.

In order to avoid complications and unpleasant consequences:

  1. The first day after surgery for hernia recommended most of the time to be in a horizontal position, i.e. lying.
  2. Nutrition should be balanced, and you need to avoid foods that cause flatulence in the intestine.
  3. Treatment with surgical intervention in men for the prevention of infection involves a course of antibiotics.
  4. You should limit the period of time of heavy physical activity.

Surgical removal of the inguinal hernia in men is quite common and is performed in any clinic with the surgical Department. The price of this method ranges from 600 to 1200 USD, depending on the type of surgery, anesthesia, and how much time it will take to be in the hospital. Forecast of hernia treatment conditionally favorable. That is, when a timely appeal to the specialist and the all the rules, which requires complete recovery of the body during the rehabilitation period, the rehabilitation of man and the return to a normal lifestyle without regard to food andwearing the weights.