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About the symptoms, signs, causes and treatment of pancreatitis in men

Pancreatitis is one of the most unpleasant diseases. Although some diseases pleasant, you will object. But inflammation of the pancreas characterized in that the painful symptoms symptoms of pancreatitis in men and the first signs are sometimes not amenable to relief by common painkillers. In such cases, to remove the symptoms, the doctor, in addition to primary treatment, resorting to stronger drugs. Pancreatitis is a dangerous disease, and if not timely start the fight with him, noticing the first symptoms, it can lead to death. In order to go to the doctor for help, you need to know the main symptoms of pancreatitis and its first signs.

The main symptom

Pain is the main symptom of pancreatitis. Its localization and intensity should first be alerted man. Painful symptoms are like surrounding the character, the man thinks that hurts not only in the upper abdomen, but in the upper quadrant and between the shoulder blades. Attempt to soothe the pain pills from a home kit does not bring positive results.

The painful symptoms arise from the fact that for some reason, the pancreatic enzymes can't leave the confines of the ducts. In this case, the enzymes aktiviziruyutsya prematurely and begin to digest the tissues of the body. Signs of pancreatitis have distinctive features:

  1. Pain symptoms of pancreatitis can be of different intensity. These signs depend on the severity of the process. That is, the heavier the process, the symptoms are more pronounced. First symptoms most often relate to the acute course of the disease and look quite scary, especially if accompanied by shortness of breath, sticky with sweat and heart palpitations.
  2. The unpleasant symptoms most often occur after 30-40 minutes after taking spicy, fatty or acidic foods.
  3. Constant pain, but in some cases can wear and paroxysmal in nature. Sometimes the first symptoms of pancreatitis can masquerade as other pathologic processes in the gastrointestinal tract or to show signs of a heart attack.
  4. The man takes a forced position, sitting, with a slight tilt forward. In the supine position signs of disease only increase.

In addition to pain, pancreatitis is accompanied by other symptoms. The signs of the disease is quite specific and in combination with pain compose a complete picture of the disease. The symptoms of dyspepsia is always accompanied by pancreatitis and often are the first signs.

Dyspepsia — related symptoms

Nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea always manifest themselves in pancreatitis. Their signs also depend on the intensity of the gland lesion. This diverse pattern of symptomsto mislead, therefore, for the diagnosis should consult a specialist.


Vomiting ranks second after pain symptoms in symptoms of pancreatitis. Sometimes it is accompanied by fever. But mostly vomiting with pancreatitis is distinguished by certain characteristics:

  • Vomiting painful and no relief.
  • Multiple and uncontrollable.
  • Vomit contain food remnants, and then discharged only bile.
  • In severe lesions of the pancreas there may be vomiting with blood.


In the early stages of pancreatitis, on the contrary, often there is constipation. Over time, diarrhea alternating with constipation. Stool is light gray in color, and their number increases compared to the norm. Cal is a pasty consistency with an unpleasant odor, and sometimes contains particles of undigested food. Waste is very difficult to wash off from the walls of the toilet. Develop flatulence.

General condition and skin

One of the symptoms of pancreatitis in men is a change in the state of the skin. Changing color, and there are all signs of deficiency. They manifest themselves like this:

  1. Dryness and flaking.
  2. Hair and nails become dry and brittle.
  3. In the corners of the lips are formed the so-called zaedy.
  4. Often formed a kind of rash on the skin in the form of drops of red color when pressed not disappear. This symptom is called a symptom Tuzhilin.
  5. Skin elasticity is markedly reduced.
  6. The skin becomes pale, and in severe cases cyanosis develops. But most often in men suffering from pancreatitis, the skin acquires a characteristic greenish-gray color.

In addition to these characteristics, it is worth noting symptoms such as inflammation of the tongue, dry mouth, frequent hiccups and burp. The patient loses in weight. Belly swollen, and upon inspection of the rendered bluish spots in the navel or on the lower back, causing the skin resembles marble.

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Symptoms of pancreatitis in men is directly dependent on the disease form and severity. Because of the variety of symptoms exact diagnosis yourself to put difficult. So, if you have similar symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor. The disease constitutes a serious threat to a man's life and requires immediate intervention, even at the first signs.