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List of broad-spectrum antibiotics of the new generation

To cope with most diseases help antibiotics. Many dislike them, believing drugs are dangerous to health ("one cure, the second maim"). But it's hard to argue with the fact that these drugs are stopped is not a single epidemic. Moreover, due to their wide variety of uses people are less likely to die from infectious diseases. As a consequence, the life expectancy of people has increased significantly.

Very strong antibiotic of the latest generation of the fluoroquinolone group. Is the modern analogue of Moxifloxacin. Effective against many known bacterial and atypical pathogens. Virtually no negative impact on the kidneys and stomach. Such antibiotics can be used as children's medicine, so Pediatrics was not appointed. Are quite expensive — from 750 rubles per 5 pieces

How to choose

Of course, not enough to familiarize with the list of antibiotics of new generation. I would like to say what kind of broad-spectrum antibiotics is the most safe and effective. Unfortunately, to allocate specific preparation is impossible, as each of the antibiotics has its own peculiarities and in each case, there are more effective different means. That is why to prescribe drugs for treatment and prevention do not own, if you have no medical education. When intestinal infections, prostatitis, sore throat, or otitis media will be assigned to various antibiotics. Better to trust the specialist who prescribes a medicine based on diagnosis, stage of disease, comorbidities and individual characteristics of the patient.