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Browse bracelet stone Bansi reviews and prices (cheating or not)

What are the only decorations not prefer a woman, but most of all she is interested in products from natural and semi-precious stones. Can jewellery be treated? Of course, if it's a bracelet — stone Bansi!

The perfect "tool" by nature

Medical bracelet Bansi made of a rare stone of black jade. This stone is mined only in Tibet, where, according to legend, dropped a piece of a meteorite, due to which the rocks have acquired new properties.

According to the beliefs of the ancient healers of China, stone, Bansi, resembling small and the sandpaper, you can Polish up the health of any person and clean up all the negativity.

Unfortunately, the price of black jade Bansi annually is only growing, and in the old wares, including a bracelet made of black jade Bansi, was considered more valuable than any jewels. They preserved and passed on by inheritance.

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Clinical studies have shown that bracelets black jade Bansi have the following properties, and it's not a hoax:

  • Normalization of blood flow and lymph.
  • Decongesting.
  • Stimulation of the immune and nervous system.
  • Normalization and restoring the body's defenses, pressure.
  • Relaxation of muscle tissue.
  • Improvement of motor functions.
  • The fight against stress factors and anxiety.
  • Eases pain, reduces the growth of abnormal cells.
  • Produces a powerful antibacterial effect.
  • Normalizes blood pressure.
  • Gives a healthy look to the skin, hair and nails.
  • Improves functioning of organs and systems, and more.

Healing with stone Bansi known since ancient times. Even the monks of the Shaolin temple was famous for the art of healing through massage guasha with the use of black jade stones and quick elimination of pain during injuries, bruises and sprains. In addition, Bansi used to normalize blood pressure, improve overall health and acupuncture massage.

Where lies the unique strength?

Naturally, any person relating to many things with a healthy skepticism, there is a question: instead of whether it is a divorce? Indeed, how good is stone? Why black jade is not widespread and bracelet do not use with high blood pressure and other diseases? The answer is simple: field Bansi in the world only one, anywhere on earth, they are no longer detected.

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Why stones Bansi have such force and like a bracelet worn on the hand can help people cope with illness? The secret is in the composition of the stone, its natural properties:

  • Rare composition.

Analysis of the chemical composition of the stone and Bansi bracelet made of black jade, puzzled even scientists, itfeatures over 30 of the most important elements from the periodic table (Ti, Sr, Cr, Zn, Mn, Fe, Ca, Na, etc.). None of the known natural elements has such a unique composition, which only has a positive effect on human health.

  • The radiation of heat.

In the samples it was found that the rock produces infrared radiation with a wavelength of 8-14 microns. It is very close to human skin while wearing the bracelet Bansi black jade there is a resonant phenomenon, which in turn increases energy at the cellular level, making them more active and viable. Normalization of the pressure, improves the turgor of the cells, of which excess water and are additional useful biochemical reactions.

  • Ultrasonic radiation.

When the bracelet made of black jade is worn on the hand, the friction of stone and skin, and the latter generates ultrasound. As you know, ultrasound therapy is used to treat many serious diseases, cosmetology and correction.

How to make the right choice?

Of course, the purchase of this bracelet, it is necessary not only to learn about its unique properties and features of application, but and to read reviews of doctors and consumers as the benefit.

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The opinion and the observations of many experts, with the help of Bansi bracelet made of black jade, you can cure the following disease:

  1. Hypertension (to get rid of high pressure).
  2. Osteochondrosis, rheumatism and sciatica.
  3. The allergic and atopic dermatitis.
  4. Recurrent urticaria and psoriasis, burdened by complications, and many others.

Black jade improves work of all internal organs and systems and makes people more cheerful.

What do the doctors say...

In addition, reviews of doctors contain the following information relating to its application:

  1. A high heat capacity. This stone always remains soft to the touch and warm, it is used in need long warm-up of muscles, joints, internal organs. In Western countries gave him a different name — "kidney stone" — due to the fact that it helps with therapy of kidney disease.
  2. High massage properties. Massage black jade disappear headaches, normalize pressure, relieves fatigue and stimulates circulation.
  3. Increases the effectiveness of many treatments. Coupled with the stone of Bansi, which heats the required areas of the body, you can carry out some procedures, however, their efficiency is significantly increased.

The use of the bracelet is recommended in many cases, it is equally shown forwear for both women and men. Of course, many men will want to wear it on your hand, in this case, it is possible to find the bracelet, another place, the main thing that he was in contact with the skin. If you look at the photo, you can see that black jade looks very impressive, and the bracelet it will be a good complement to the style.

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Svetlana, 38 years:

Received bracelet as a gift, began to wear as a decoration, but over time noticed that all my previous ailments have begun to evaporate like. Normal sleep became less annoying at home, increased efficiency. Learned of the giver, and he confirmed that indeed this bracelet is healing and my Wellness is because of him.

Anastasia, 29 years old:

These bracelets we carry the whole family and this year, absolutely do not get sick in autumn and winter, although all of our friends and acquaintances suffer from acute respiratory infections and flu. Believe that all this is due to the unique properties of black jade. To order a bracelet, visit the official website at this link

Michael, 42:

I have a heart condition, twice a year at the hospital. Once at discharge, the doctor showed me a black bracelet on her arm and advised me to purchase the same. Was a bit surprised, but decided to follow the advice. Surprisingly, as it became him to wear, feeling better, and became available to some loads that were previously strictly contraindicated.

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