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What to replace sexual lubricant (how to cook your own)

Additional lubricant is for couples who have anal sex and oral sex, due to lack of saliva, or if one of the partners is experiencing disturbances of taste or smell. Such reactions are not evidence of dislike or rejection. Rather, the reaction mainly by the individual characteristics of perception and should treat it with understanding. Buy ready-made lube at the drugstore can be difficult due to the remoteness of the place of residence, improper time of financial difficulties. Below we will tell you what you can use at home instead of lubricant.


The purpose of lubricants

The first is to understand why do we need intimate lubricant. It's not about natural secretion produced in women during sexual excitement, and the lubricants factory production. The main functions of gels-greases:

  • Protection. Easy sliding protects from microreserves and other damage possible during intercourse "dry".
  • Ensuring comfort. Properly selected a lubricant will remove all pain from the excessive irritation of dry tissues.
  • Lubrication can protect from sexually transmitted infections, due to the antiseptic properties of the ingredients included in their composition.
  • Lubricants may increase arousal, boost libido.
  • Lubricant to moisturize and care for the skin of the genitals.
  • Using lubricants can successfully diversify the sexual life and breathe a pleasant novelty to an established relationship.

All the tools that you can notice made factory gel lubricant, consider it in such a way — relate the usefulness of the finished product and lubricant homemade. And also consider the possible impact of domestic water on health partners.

Available substitutes

Many people will call several products sliding properties which can be applied to improve the quality of sex. So, instead of gel lubrication, you can try:

  • Oil. Immediately comes to mind is vegetable sunflower oil. Of course, nothing beats the accessibility and low cost with this tool, but the quality of this home lubricant leaves much to be desired. Irritation is the easy part, what to expect during use, or after it. Similar effects has olive oil, though is much more expensive.

If you are willing to risk health or vaseline you need for some exotic sexual practices not related to penetration into the body of the partner, it is possible to use it instead of the original intimacy gel lubricant.

  • Creams and other cosmetic products. Most of these products are designed for outdoorthe application, therefore, well absorbed. Already after a short period of time, you will notice that the slide has deteriorated and needs a new portion of the cream.

Also be aware that some cosmetic products can cause allergies, manifested by burning, swelling, redness of the tissues in the application area. The occurrence of these manifestations can cause serious human suffering and, in some cases there is a necessity of medical help.

An additional disadvantage is the ability to adversely affect the vaginal pH and microflora.

  • Food. On the Internet there are 2 popular easy way to prepare the gel lubricant for sex at home. Their main advantages are simplicity and availability, as well as a completely meager price.
  1. Banana personal lubricant. Banana puree them in a blender with a few spoons of boiled water. You can experiment with the texture. Note that for erotic games and oral sex grease this home would be ideal.
  2. The grease is cornstarch. For cooking you need to cook regular pudding. Of course, appearance and smell of the product will leave much to be desired. In this case, the specialists suggest some paint gel food coloring and give the smell of the aphrodisiacs contained in essential oils (ylang ylang, patchouli, neroli).