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All kinds of intimate gel lubricant Konteks (Contex) reviews

Ideally, sex should not cause discomfort and discomfort. Nature itself took care of that. In fact, it happens differently. Often during sex can be disturbed by excessive dryness or burning, which lead to microtrauma and irritation of the genital organs. In such situations come to the aid of gel lubricant Konteks wave and other lubricants known manufacturer of intimate products Contex.


Why the need for lubricants

Intimate gel-lubricant or lubricant is a specially created material that facilitates the sliding or friction during sexual intercourse. Mainly for the production of their natural origin or synthetic waxes. Lubricant safe enough, which is a clear advantage of the product, besides use lubricants just.

The range Konteks (Contex), different types of intimate lubricants, created under a variety of sexual preferences. For the purpose of lubrication are:

  • For vaginal sex.
  • For anal intercourse.
  • Special flavored.
  • A series of long prolonging the pleasure.
  • With a warming effect.
  • It has antiseptic effects, that is, to a certain extent protected from Contracting certain STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

Anyone can pick up a Contex lubricant according to his needs. Remember, however, that most of them can cause some inconveniences to partners:

  1. Gels adversely affect the mobility of male germ cells.
  2. Can cause irritation of the genital organs and allergic reactions.
  3. Parabens and glycerin, included in the lubricant composition, when used regularly can cause the development of fungal infections.

Popular models

Products Konteks very popular on the territory of the CIS countries, and abroad, due to the quality tested chemical composition and acceptable price. However, there are top funds. Here are the most popular types of Contex and their essential characteristics are:

  • Gel lubricant Konteks wave with panthenol. Produced in the Czech Republic. Able to get rid of dryness and discomfort during sex, moistened vagina. Panthenol is widely known for its protective and healing properties, so the gel will prevent irritation and soften the vulnerable mucosa.

The based lubrication — water, so the lubricant is fully compatible with condoms. Due to included in its composition of natural plant extracts in applying the increased risk of allergic reactions. If you experience irritation or Allergy the manufacturer advises to remove grease from the genitals andto go to the doctor.

  • Gel lubricant anal strong. Produced in the Czech Republic. Has a maximum sliding properties, which provides additional comfort during sex. Part of the gel lubricant strong Aloe Vera protects and moisturizes the delicate mucosa, prevents the development of inflammation and irritation. Basis water.
  • Gel-greasing Romantic. Mind refers to the flavored lubricants. Sensual and subtle hint of strawberry flavor will make sex even more pleasant and gentle. Water-based ensures the safety of application, and moisturizing and softening properties of the gel will prevent the inflammation and irritation. Romantic compatible with condoms, leaves no residue.
  • Gel lubricant Silk. It is water based but contains silicone. There are 2 kinds of this gel lubricant:
  1. 4 % gel with the addition of a silicone water based tube 100 ml.
  2. In a tube of smaller size (30 ml) is available 100% silicone oil.

The reviews about this product Contex a little controversial, as not everyone likes the properties of the silicone. However, his addition enables you to experience additional feelings of women suffering from lack of natural lubrication. Besides, this kind of lubrication does not contain alcohol and does not affect the pH of the vagina.

How to use