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Reviews of doctors on the gainers: harm or benefit?

Gainer is an effective tool for rapid weight gain. According to research, a quality product able in 10 days to increase muscle and body fat mass (92 % of the participants muscle gains amounted to more than 1.2 kg per week). Study participants noted that when taking the competition they observed a burst of energy, the muscles become more dense and prominent. Another question is how this kind of sports nutrition is useful, and does it harm. To find out, read the reviews of the doctors who examined patients taking weight gainers.

Harmful composition

Galina, dietician: "there are no components that would cause serious harm. The powder contains:

  • high-proteins;
  • fast carbs;
  • keratin;
  • a lot of vitamins;
  • different trace elements.

Another thing is that the concentration of all this wealth the giant — to get her out of the ordinary products, it is necessary to eat a large amount of portions.

As you can see, in the opinion of the doctor even praises the nutritional value gainer. It is really no dangerous components. So if you find comments about what weight gainers — solid synthetics, causing a bunch of dangerous diseases, including cancer, it is not necessary to believe.

But, as the specialist in sports nutrition necessary elements are contained in high concentrations. That is, you can drink a glass of sports drink, and can eat a dozen bowls of cereal and chocolate bars — and get the same amount of protein and carbohydrates, but the load on the stomach will be totally different. Gainers protecting the body, allowing you to digest a minimum of product, having a high items.

Who recommended the acceptance of the

Michael, coach sports medical gymnastics: "the packaging says: "Recommended for rapid weight gain". I want to emphasize that this refers to muscle weight. Naturally, patients suffering from anorexia and wasting, weight gainers can not be accepted. It's not a cure, but a sports Supplement.

I would not recommend this sportpit people with average physical exercise and especially those who go to the gym once or twice a month. Much harm gainer these people will not cause, but they will be a sharp increase in fat. A huge number of calories, which give a weight gainer, is correctly used only when the load is too high — then the weight will occur due to the muscles".

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Add to the opinion of the expert: weight gainers are recommended not onlybodybuilders, weightlifters, pauerliftingom, crossfitter, but also to those who during exercise experience prolonged aerobic exercise, athletes, swimmers, football players, basketball players. Using one-off cocktails (only before training, competitions, games), you can get the energy and save power for a long time. The gainers doping are not.

Igor, sporting coach: "Definitely, these products to the right people engaged in sports activities. In the first place its advise hardgainers — anemic people. For example, a man of normal weight in 73-80 kg easy to exercise than men with a weight of 55-60 kg. Lean people will have to eat a lot and very much to push yourself, which can lead to pancreatitis or fatigue. It is better to go for easily digestible weight gainers and get the right amount of protein than to eat improperly, causing serious harm to the body".

Why may occur intolerance

In their comments doctors recommend to remember about the side effects of mass gainers on the market. When they occur it is necessary either to change sports nutrition, or to address to the doctor to find out the real cause of the symptoms.

Galina, dietician: "Sports nutrition contains high amounts of protein and carbohydrates. This covers half of the daily diet of the person leading a very active lifestyle. As practice shows, many people forget that weight gainers are a Supplement, not food that they need to add to the basic diet, not replace it. They tend to take into account the amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates, but we forget that conventional foods provide many other nutrients — the same fiber or vitamins".

Elena, the doctor-gastroenterologist: "If you take weight gainers, but forget about the right diet, it can cause a number of problems, including digestion. Of the most harmless side-effects of flatulence and intestinal colic. Often people begin to suffer from diarrhea. If you can't get rid of these symptoms, consult a dietitian to design a proper sports diet. Diarrhea and abdominal pain can indicate intolerance to lactose or gluten, so you will need to choose sport nutrition that does not contain these elements."

Sergey, dentist: "I am often approached by people with complaints of caries. Surprised I'm the teeth, do not eat chocolate. Begin to question — admit that they are taking sports nutrition. The reason why: the gainers are high glycemic index, which is the rapid destruction of tooth structure".

Constantine, the doctor-androlog: "Patients complain of sexual dysfunction and believe that it is associated with sports nutrition. Steroids really are bad forerection, potency. But weight gainers do not harm men, so if they receive any problems, the reason in something else".

Who should not take

Natalia, the physician: "it is Not recommended to consume sports nutrition for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and also in hormonal disorders, diabetes. Caution should be taken when sportpit drug therapy — some drugs require strict protein diet".

Add to the opinion of the doctor that the gainers harm if adopted in the following diseases:

  • hypertension (keratin, a part of creatine, water retention in the body);
  • of blood clotting;
  • Allergy to components;
  • chronic pyelonephritis (when taking sports nutrition is a big burden on the kidneys responsible for processing proteins).

To summarize

Weight gainers help you achieve accelerated weight gain, increase strength of the body. But, like any other product, improper use can result in unpleasant consequences. It is worth remembering that the gainers — Supplement and not a full meal, that they should be taken as instructed, you should stop taking sportpit if you experience adverse symptoms, take into account that weight gainers are only suitable for those who are actively involved in sports. Follow these rules, then the gainers will not be harmed!


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