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Instructions for use Impaza with reviews and prices

Erectile dysfunction, unfortunately, can occur in any man, regardless of age. Now, however, it is not an intractable problem. If the time to respond to the symptoms and consult a doctor, the source of dysfunction is eliminated, and the potency is once again becoming strong. In the meantime, will undergo treatment, erections can be stimulated, for there are a lot of drugs. Judging by the responses of patients and physicians, one of the most effective and safe means for application are tablets Impaza.

таблетки для потенции
Another very interesting study was conducted to compare the effectiveness of the main Impaza analogues of Viagra or Cialis. Can a homeopathic remedy to compete with a sufficiently powerful stimulants? The results were such:

  • Men under 35 years Viagra has helped to achieve a strong erection and increased sexual intercourse 77%; Cialis is 74%, Impaza is 56%.
  • Men aged 35 to 55 years old Viagra helped to achieve a strong erection and increased sexual intercourse in 76 per cent; Cialis – 71.3%, Impaza – 50.1%.
  • Men after the age of 55 years, Viagra has helped to achieve a strong erection and increased sexual intercourse: 47%; Cialis – in 45.5%, Impaza is 36%.
  • With psychogenic etiology (stress, complexes, fear, depression, etc.) erectile dysfunction Viagra has helped in 86%, Cialis is 81%, Impaza is 68%.
  • When organic etiology (diabetes mellitus, postoperative period, osteochondrosis, etc.) that caused the erectile dysfunction, Viagra was affected in 67%, Cialis is 64%, Impaza is 32%.

As you can see, tablets Impaza lag behind their main competitors. But there was considered an instantaneous result after applying only one pill – it's really viagra and Cialis yet full of competitors. But these two drugs are not suitable for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Impaza is not just a stimulant, it has a curative effect in long-term employment, and after completion of the course, as described earlier, allows to improve the natural potency more than 70% of cases. Besides the price Impaza lower.

However, it should still warn that despite the positive reputation of the drug and the majority of positive reviews, in the event of violation of potency it is necessary to consult a doctor. The doctor will determine the cause, prescribe a course of treatment and, if considered necessary, prescribe Impazu as medicine to restore erection.

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I agree that a one-time Impaza, indeed, not very helpful. You need to correctly calculate the time of admission (two hours and one hour before sexual intercourse), and after all who can to be sure that there will be sex at this time? It is better then Viagra it do not let you down.


No need to compare Impaza with Viagra that does not cure. Moreover, on Viagra so many problems – it has a side effect on a book is enough. Although decide for yourself if you fast and hard or slow and safe.


Impaza the doctor ordered. Normal pills. Immediate effect they have is not the strongest (but not hoo). But the manufacturer promises that one pill male will turn into a stallion. For this other means are available. Impaza works differently and it is necessary to take courses in 12 weeks. So I have to have patience, but the result will surely be happy, as I am.


Impaza is not BAD and not generic, and the normal medication that has passed clinical trials. I believe him. And this miracle tablets of dubious composition, which advertised all over the Internet, I don't trust.

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