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Overview of device for penis enlargement with Jes Extender

Jes Extender – the newest device to enlarge the penis, with a few modifications and allows you to choose the man best option. The essence of the action – the use of natural reaction of tissues to stretch. In this case, a larger number of cells, and the penis becomes bigger and thicker. Jes Extender titanium (original, gold) – the only device approved by specialists and replacement surgical augmentation of the penis.

врач что-то объясняет мужчине

In recent years, doctors are increasingly paying attention to the new conservative methods of treatment mini-penis and only in extreme cases, offer operation.

Experts are positive about the Jes Extender, but only if you buy a really certified medical device. The popularity of such form of apparatus according to the penis enlargement has generated a lot of poor quality fakes, which not only will help in solving the problem, but will bring harm.




I can share a positive experience. Used the Jes Extender for about a year, the result – plus 3.5, see my growth of a member, I think, was long, maybe from the fact that not always comply with what is said in the statement. Now "work" over the thickness of the penis, in principle, tangible results are already visible after a month of wear.


After the application of different "innovations" in the form of creams realized that we needed something substantial and effective. To Jes Extender reacted with disbelief, immediately raised a lot of questions "How to wear, is it comfortable?" and so forth But took a chance based on my 14 cm, the only thing left), I bought and have no regrets. 1.5 month of wear noted growth 1.2 cm For me it is a very pleasant achievement.


Buy Jes Extender insisted the wife. At first offended, but after we discussed this, it became clear – or divorce, or Jes Extender. Wore for about 4 months. At first noticed only improve erection, but somehow decided to measure the cock and could not believe my eyes – plus 3 cm! Wife more about divorce and stutters.


For me, the question "great friend" always was very serious. In principle, nature has not deprived (at rest 16 cm), but would like to be the middling, and the "elite". Sofrom his youth began to try everything that was suggested online marketplace, but stopped on the Jes Extender, only it gave a real increase of 4 cm.


"Short and thick" — it's about my cock has always been a problem in the length, and the wife constantly complained that "it is not enough only 2-4 cm. To go under the knife flatly refused, began to look for an alternative. The doctor, to whom I turned, advised Jes Extender. It was the original unit, not cheap, of course, but it has been worth it. Six months later, our sex life has taken a new life, a completely vivid way.