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How to make the extender with their hands at home

Most men would definitely say: "size matters" when talking about the most important male organ. But what if nature has not endowed cherished centimeters how to get rid of complexes, to feel all completeness of feelings from closeness? There is a solution! One of the most simple and affordable ways to increase the size of the penis is the use of a device such as a vacuum extender. There are a huge number of brands, types and sturdiness, at the same time, knowing the principle, it is possible to make such a device at home. Information about how to create a homemade extender, interesting videos and photos on this subject you will find in our article.

How it works

Extender ‒ a device the principle of which is based on the stretching of the penile tissues by using barbells, where for fixing the head use a vacuum. He is considered one of the most gentle and noninvasive. Since the result largely determines the duration of use, the effectiveness of the extender in turn, will depend on how comfortable he made.

The mechanism of action is simple: due to the axles with adjustable length fixed the pulling the penis, and the head is sucked and held in the vacuum chamber of the extender, so it is protected from mechanical damage and bruising. One of the most modern extenders of this type is a Penimaster Pro. His picture you can see in the photo.

In the image and likeness

To make a homemade device for penis enlargement is not a difficult task, it will take several hours, if at home you can prepare all of the necessary details. As a sample we offer you to take one of the most popular vacuum extenders and study its construction with photos and videos.

So, please note that the extender factory production consists of several main parts:

  • Resistant ring which is applied to the pubis.
  • Axis with adjustable length (spring loaded metal rod) is necessary to support the design and establishment of tension.
  • Vacuum chamber, in which is "drawn" head.
  • Support plate for fixing the vacuum chamber.
  • Pear to pump air and create vacuum.

The axis or rod can not only change its length, but also to change its position relative to the horizontal to be not only parallel to the floor, but fall down, climb up).

How to build an extender yourself

Homemade vacuum extender for penis enlargement is a similar design. Here are some simple recommendations that can make her own hands from scrap materials:

  • Inas the axis with the adjustable length using metal tubes or "rails". The main condition – possibility to adjust their length (must be equal to the length of the penis in erect state minus 1 cm). The tubes are attached on one side to the ring, with another to the plate.
  • The thrust rings will fit any ring diameter slightly greater than the root. It can be done by hand of thick food-grade plastic or wood, whatever I can find at home.
  • Plate to hold the vacuum chamber is made of the same material as the ring.
  • A vacuum chamber is perhaps the hardest thing to do with your hands. Learn more about how it is going, look at the video attached to the article. Home for its production will need latex gloves (manufacturer of the membranes), the water ring to create a second membrane, a plastic cap with a hole (the camera itself).
  • Homemade vacuum extender may be equipped with a blower and a connector hose for air exhaust (air is sucked with the mouth through a tube).

Do no harm: things to remember

Most vacuum extenders factory production developed by experts, tested and have relevant certificates of state registration, which confirms their safety.

Not always men's health, success with women, sexual attraction is measured in centimeters. Those who are determined to increase the size of manhood, ready to engage in the creation of extenders with their hands at home, we would recommend to carefully approach the selection of components not to rush things and regularly visit the doctor to be sure that you will not bring men's health to sacrifice beauty.