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The use of vacuum pumps for men will hurt or help?

Many men, drawing attention to such a device as a vacuum pump, range before buying. And rightly so. Before you purchase a product, always it is necessary to find out all its pros and cons, the benefit or harm it will bring to the buyer.

What is the device

Vacuum konstruktornoe device or, in other words, the vacuum pump is a bulb with the container and a special device that creates the effect of dilution in the flask. At the opposite end of the container is a special ring that clings to the base of the penis. The vacuum flask helps to achieve persistent erection in men, and a special ring allows you to sustain it for a long time. And each time the duration of erection, according to user reviews, is becoming increasingly resistant and long lasting.

How the device works

No need to remove the ring before and during sexual intercourse. This will help to maintain a stable erection. But do not overdo it, the ring on the penis should be no more than 30 minutes.


The efficiency of the unit

On average, the procedure in men lasts about ten to fifteen minutes. At this time the cavernous body of the penis is filled with a large amount of blood than usual during erection. It is because the size of penis and will more than usual. But keep in mind that penis enlargement is temporary, but not permanent. Of course, if the person is young and exposed to vacuum on the penis for several years, it is likely that the organ will grow in size a few inches. Vacuum pump with proper use will help:

  1. To increase penis men.
  2. To improve erection and sensitivity in men.
  3. To prepare the penis for sexual intercourse.
  4. Bring new sensations during Masturbation.

Side effects

Though benefit from the use of such a device to enlarge the penis, as the vacuum pump, so to speak, there is the risk of side effects. Member erections, caused artificially, has a scarlet color. In addition, it may cause temporary loss of sensation. Other side effects include:

  • Lowering the temperature of the member. To touch the penis in men will be cold.
  • Hematoma.
  • Bruises.
  • The power drop of ejaculation.
  • The decrease in the volume of semen.
  • Injury.
  • Rare cases of impotence.

It therefore requires a careful application of the device in men. And contraindications for use will be obliged to contact the representative of the stronger sex to the doctor before using the device. Since not all of their diseases men know.

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