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Reviews, prices and use of biomagnet Smoking Zerosmoke

Magnets Zerosmoke – or biomagnet stop Smoking! It can be described as new product that appeared on the market. Good reviews from doctors and customers received a set Zerosmoke for self-therapeutic massage. It can be done easily and without much effort, you may not even need to allocate extra time.

применение биологического магнита

The basis for the use

Auriculotherapy – acupuncture effect on the ear at certain points. This is not an innovative solution, it was used since ancient times, and the developers, to release the magnets from Smoking, just refined the ancient teachings. Have zerosmoke consists of two small magnets that are attached to the ear in a strictly designated point. Any other use of the Zerosmoke product or violation of instructions does not give any positive results.

The basis for the use of biomagnet Smoking popular in the middle of the last century, the technique of alternative medicine, which has spread around the world thanks to the French neurologist and researcher Field nogie.

You need to make it work

Biomagnet Smoking attaches directly to the ear that is not only comfortable, but also original. After a few days Zerosmoke reduces the craving for Smoking, but that doesn't happen at once, as waiting for many consumers who have tried and have left negative reviews about what is a divorce. The source of any treatment – patience, proper technique (use of), all conditions are met, which displays the user manual.

Biomagnet Smoking is not only the elimination of cigarette addiction, but also the decoration. Two products Zerosmoke covered with gold 24 carat, you can optionally order them in white gold. And the price remains the same available.

Magnets from Smoking is:

  • Products of different size with the usual gold plating.
  • The same size magnets-plated white gold.

To buy the user any option, the price and efficiency will remain the same.

The whole truth about the product

On the official website of the magnets Zerosmoke received a high rating, reviews that you can read there, real. To buy the product just, it is important to only order and use it, gradually parting with a cigarette.

If the network web you will find negative reviews, which claimed that Zerosmoke is not valid, then it is likely: a man bought a fake in bad faith of people who essentially stole the original idea. These magnets is a certified product, from Smoking help 99.9%.

About biomagnetic have Zerosmoke there is reason to say the following:

  • They really work,does not cause allergies, have no side effects and does not interfere with the functioning of internal organs.
  • According to doctors, it is biomagnet against Smoking helps those people who tried a lot of methods, but no closer to a result.
  • While wearing zerosmoke have no need to "break" and stop Smoking, the craving disappears gradually and by itself, without causing acute attacks of discomfort and nicotine cravings.

What experts warn

Despite the fact that biomagnify Smoking is recognized as an effective tool, experts warn that a full guarantee of efficiency for all, without exceptions people are there. This is explained in the following points:

  • The force of habit.
  • The individual characteristics of the organism.
  • Receptivity to acupuncture.
  • The health of the organism as a whole.
  • The experience of Smoking.
  • Psychological aspect: the desire to quit Smoking.

Equally important, proper installation of biomagnet have Zerosmoke, the error of a fraction of a millimeter gives effect to another point and completely "ignores" is needed. The effectiveness of Zerosmoke will act in a different direction, so it is important to follow the exact instructions to put biomagnet not blind.

Long sessions Zerosmoke is not recommended no more than 4 hours a day. Every time biomagnet is installed, there is a risk of incorrect positioning.
Also consider the following:

  • The possibility of a biased biomagnet: it holds up better on thin the ear.
  • Demonstration status: the surrounding you see that a person is quitting Smoking.
  • Ear respectable men, decorated with Biomagnetism, ‒ unusual spectacle.

When wearing the Zerosmoke not recommended:

  • In the period of pregnancy.
  • When using hearing AIDS.
  • In the presence in the body of any electric mechanisms (pacemaker, defibrillator, etc.).

Table 1. Comparative cost of Zerosmoke (beware of fakes)

Internet site offering Zerosmoke Prices for Zerosmoke/RUB
Internet-shop of medical cosmetics 1100
Online shop "Agmachop" 1150
Shop popular products "Assorted" 1060
Online shop "Take it there" 1250
Company Products teleshopping" 990
Online store VDomo 1190

Of course, buy Zerosmoke magnets is easy, but you should not consider them a panacea. This means I help with 100% result they may not for everyone. And it is not talking about the low efficiency and strictof human individuality, multiplied by the related external factors, because the decision to purchase – for you!