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The effect of the application of Horse exciter for women (reviews and prices)

The Internet is not a source of reliable information about the pathogens for women. Most of the published material — is hiding the truth. But before you choose a product, I want to know not only about advantages but also about its shortcomings. That's why we decided to study one of the most famous means of increasing female libido at home — a Horse pathogen.

We will examine its advantages, disadvantages, try to find out how it is effective, are there any side effects, what are the reviews on it are written by people, whether it is better or worse than analogs.

The funds for horses and humans may not be the same

Horse pathogen called veterinary agent used in the mating of cattle, horses, pigs. Included with yohimbine causes males increased sexual reflex, necessary for the rapid fertilization of females. In the reviews people sometimes write, that's what this drug is used to enhance the excitation of people. This is a mistake. If you take a veterinary pathogen, can be easily poisoned.

People can use at home tool with the same name, but manufactured for women and men (it is also called "VTS"). VTS is a highly diluted extract, the testicular serum. The tool is sold in pharmacies (it can be found on the shelves of non-traditional drugs) and sex shops.

This homeopathic medicine compared to veterinary and Horse pathogen has a completely different composition and a different dosage of the active substances are not capable of inflicting serious harm (of course, at observance of instructions for use).

General information

  • Action: a pronounced sexual arousal.
  • Classification: BAD.
  • Form release: solution in the form of drops.
  • Volume: one bottle, 25 ml (enough for 30 applications).
  • Application: interior.
  • Recommended dosage: 5-7 drops women weighing up to 60 kg, 10 drops with a weight of 60-70 kg, 15 drops in weight over 70 kg.
  • The annotation action time: 15 minutes after ingestion.
  • Duration: 2-3 hours.
  • Manufacturer: OOO "A-BIOFABRIKA" (Russia).
  • Cost: the price of one bottle 900-1400 rubles (in different retail locations, price may vary).

Is there a guarantee and how it has

Speak about the effectiveness of the drug (once again, that we do not consider veterinary and homeopathic remedy!) it is possible only on the basis of the conducted research.

In the case of the Horse pathogen, no formal experiments were conducted, therefore it is impossible to say what percentage of people it helps, and under what conditions work better. We can only make assumptionsbased on reviews of people who dared to try a Horse pathogen, in the video after taking, and information from the annotation of this tool.

RENDEZ VOUS will make you a tiger in bed...

Substances included in the Horse pathogen, have a activating effect on the Central and vegetative nervous system, increase blood flow to the genitals, which leads to rapid sexual arousal. Count on 100% strong effect is not necessary — the concentration of active substances in the drug is not so strong: for someone the agent may act, and someone does not notice the change.

Accepted solution Horse pathogen inside. Recommended pre-mixed with tea, coffee, juice. You can add water, but the taste will be bitter. With alcohol mixing means is not prohibited, but this should be done with extreme caution.

Recommended when the weaker sex

Some men suggest using Horse pathogen "pick up" the weaker sex, women are quietly adding a drop to drink. Naturally, this is extremely unethical, and let it remain on the conscience of such seekers. Better yet, make women agents used alone in cases where the stimulant is difficult to achieve the desired level of arousal.

Problems with initiation may be permanent, caused by mental and physical frigidity (when foreplay is not delivered the expected pleasure) or temporary (due to stress, stiffness, fatigue). Of course, the causes of insufficient excitation to eliminate some drops impossible. It's still not a cure, but a Supplement that helps to increase the level of excitement for a couple of hours. If you have a serious sexual problem, it is better to consult a specialist.

But in the case of intermittent problems or if you want to experience new sensations in bed to try the tool, the more that price and a small number of side effects are not an obstacle for such experiments.

When you can't use

Despite the fact that drops of Horse pathogen is not a medicine, and a homeopathic remedy used in the home, it still has contraindications.

It has to be drunk people who are allergic to components with heart disease, kidney failure, for any violations of the Central nervous system.

As for side effects, the manufacturers warn about the possible dizziness, palpitations, nausea. Some reviewers write that athigher doses can achieve the effect when a woman completely loses control of himself. Confirmed evidence of this. The inadequate videos of girls, allegedly under the action of the Horse pathogen, causing doubt — it is possible that overexcited ladies either outperform or are under the influence of drugs.



Elena, 29 years:

Decided to use the Horse pathogen, the more that it can be drunk both women and men. To be honest, I was confused by the name — for some it is not solid and certainly not erotic. But the name does not figure... the Result is as follows: they could not enjoy each other. Beat wild excitement. The feeling seemed stronger than usual. Side effects have arisen.

Marina, 34 years:

The result from Horse pathogen was. But I think that it is not in the tool but in the self. If it together it turns out great.

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