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Cream for penis enlargement: reviews, prices, comparison analogues

Penis is a pride of males, and the more, in the opinion of men, the size of the penis, the more sexual they become giants. It is because men have resorted to all sorts of tricks, and use cream to increase penis. Pharmacies these drugs never occur, but to order this cream on the Internet no problem. Many are lost before a huge range, try to find only the best, despite what his price is. How to choose which product to buy and who can help?


Often men can buy the cream, klyunuv only on the advertising promises or attractive reviews. Someone will bring the price of some enticing promises, but few even read the user manual about its application before use. And for good reason. Such neglect can only lead to serious issues. There are several types of creams, which praises is:

  • Cream for penis enlargement short-acting.
  • Cream long term action.
  • Subsidiary creams.

They all promise instant results. Some of the funds, as the commercials say, in addition to the increase member will increase the potency. Others are able to lengthen sexual intercourse. But is it? Consider the most common miracle creams that will not see in pharmacies.

Not all creams you can buy at the pharmacy, the part can be requested on dubious sites. Yes the price to some astronomical. Consider pricing the most common creams.

№ p/p Name Estimated price in rubles
1 "MaxiSize" 1200
2 "Semenex" Price from 1500 to 2500
3 "Powerlife" 1200
4 "Big Pen" The price ranges from 1400 to 2000
5 "Strength Of Hercules" 500
6 "Thor's Hammer" Price around 1300

"Maxi Bed

Cream MaxiSize promises penis growth in a short time. In addition, reviews promotional articles indicate that male using this cream, you will achieve change of the anatomical shape of the penis. Will be strengthened erection and man will get rid of many complexes. The cream is recommended to put on the cock for half an hour before sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately, it does not specify which proteins and amino acids are part of the cream MaxiSize, it is difficult to judge their mechanism of action. But about the rest of the components some may saywords. In cosmetics triethanolamine is used in very small quantities.

The molecules of elastin and collagen complexes are enormous in size and do not penetrate deep into the tissues on the stratum corneum, but can have a soothing and healing effect.


Semenex cream promises that after its application the volume of ejaculate will increase almost 2 times as well as the quality of the sperm will be better. The statement pointed out that the composition includes:

  • The seed extract of cherry.
  • Linseed oil.
  • Extracts of aloe Vera.
  • The ginger extract.

Titan Gel"

Titan Gel manual says that the man chooses the size of the penis, and the drug increases the member settings. That is, the increase is due to the acceleration of cell division. And to control this process a man, a dosing duration of application of the cream powerlife. Powerlife, judging by the feedback, affects the strength of potency. The increased potency is achieved by improving the blood supply to the penis. In addition, Titan Gel promises to reduce the time between sexual acts and also longer lasting erections.

All of the above can only be achieved thanks to the special components that are part of the powerlife. Whether so it actually, you should make out details. So, until the end is unknown what substances are part of powerlife, as indicated only some of them.

№ p/p Component Promises advertising Titan Gel cream What is known about this component in medicine
1 Ginseng Reviews advertising says that using these components is achieved by the increased potency, accelerates cell division and stimulates metabolic processes Ginseng root ingestion improves work of cardiovascular system, regulate blood pressure. Tones. Is a natural antidepressant.
2 Notoginseng Reviews the same as that of the ginseng. Is a kind of ginseng. In Chinese medicine it is used for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
3 Prickly butcher Should also affect gain potency The medicine is used to treat hemorrhoids and varicose veins
4 Muira Puama The increased potency, sexual desire. Stimulates the production of testosterone. The bark and roots of this plant are used by the peoples of South America for the treatment of many diseases. But their scientific effectiveness has not been proven.


Horse chestnut

Gingko Biloba

The reviews on the drug powerlife, referring to the components in the composition, promise increased blood flow in the penis, increasing potency and tissue growth of the penis.

Gingermedicine used for treatment of joints, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, restoration of metabolic processes and restoration of function of the blood vessels.

Horse chestnut is used in pharmacology for the treatment of vascular diseases.

Unambiguous feedback about the Gingko in medicine do not exist. The effectiveness of drugs based on this plant is still controversial.

6 Betaine Accelerates metabolism. Prevents the development of BPH. Yes, it is, betaine speeds up metabolism, prevents the formation of BPH and kolorektalnah cancer, but only when administered by a physician. Topical application of betaine is used in cosmetics for protection of skin cells from fluid loss and improves the appearance of the skin.
Dimethicone Improves slide and performs a protective function. Here, the specialists ' opinions are mixed. Dimethicone is used in medical practice as a drug that reduces leg in the gut. External application of substances used in cosmetics. It is added to leave-in shampoos, masks and conditioners for moisture retention in the upper layers of tissue. Is a silicone polymer.

Some components of the Titan Gel are not harmful, and some actually useful and help in treatment of many pathologies.

"Big Pen"

Big Pen ‒ one of the varieties of creams to increase the penis. Also the reviews say that Big Pen is a novelty on the market. In the instructions for use of Big Pen promise:

  1. Persistent erection.
  2. The increase of sexual activity.
  3. The increase in sperm.
  4. The increase in the size of the penis 5-10 centimeters.
  5. Giving any desired form to the penis.

Fantastic reviews, right? This effect promises Big Pen is due to unique composition. But, as always, the complete composition of these funds remains a mystery. Basically, you specify a couple of components. And Big Pen is no exception.

The best remedy for penis enlargement is...

A familiar composition, isn't it? Promise that the use of such components in the Big Pen will bring the desired effect. To buy a Big Pen or not, only you can decide.

"Strength Of Hercules"

In the instructions for use "Strength of Hercules" is written that this drug is a stimulant. In addition, using the drug "Strength of Hercules" to achieve harder erections. The cream is applied with gentle pumping movements on the penis and surrounding area. Due to the members of thecream "Strength of Hercules" substances, there is a rapid absorption of the drug into the skin, there rush of blood to the penis. There is a feeling of itching and a powerful desire of sexual contact. The cream "Strength of Hercules" includes:

  1. Emulsion-based.
  2. Oil of cinnamon.
  3. The extract of bitter pepper.
  4. Benzylsuccinic.
  5. Perfume.

The cream works due to the irritation caused by the components. But components possible allergic reaction. So before you put the cream on the penis, do some sensitivity test.

"Thor's Hammer"

Cream "Thor's Hammer" is applied to the penis a thin layer, avoiding the delicate skin of the head. To perform such manipulation requires a day or 10 minutes before sexual intercourse for 30 days. As stated in the description, these actions cream "Thor's Hammer" will allow a man to achieve:

  • Prolong sexual intercourse.
  • Enhance potency.
  • Rapid and bright orgasm.

The composition includes extracts of Gingko Biloba and ginseng. Also described in the instruction that included such ingredients as oil malangoni and gorjanki. All these substances have an irritant effect, so before applying do a small test.

How it works...




After birth, the wife had problems, and she began to forget all what an orgasm is. I didn't leave the wife alone with their problems and also connected to the problem. I bought a cream that was rubbed. First changes are seen, but after a month everything gradually began to improve. The wife is happy, I began to pay more attention. And added a lot of new sensations.


The cream really helped in difficult times with his wife, he gave us the highlights, as never before, the mi is not engaged.

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