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Instructions for use of the spray with lidocaine prices and reviews

The problem with the duration of sexual intercourse? Finished before partner? Most likely, it's too sensitive head of the penis. The easiest way to reduce the sensitivity of the penis is to use special condoms with an anesthetic. If they don't help, you can use Lidocaine Spray (e.g., aseptic Lidocaine Spray 10 %).


The effect

Spray the Lidocaine provides local anesthesia by intermittent blocking of nerve endings that begin to pulse several times slower than usual. The action of the drug, produced in the form of an aerosol, starts in 1-3 minutes after application. All the sensitivity comes back after 10-15 minutes. Recovery occurs gradually.

Men, as a rule, dissatisfied with the strength of erection and duration of the act, even if everything is in order. But remember, the use of stimulants and anesthetics when it is not needed, not recommended. Sprays to prolong sexual intercourse should use in the following cases:

  1. Ejaculation occurs immediately after the erection does not pass, and 10 seconds.
  2. Erections without sexual intercourse may persist for a long time, but the sexual act itself lasts less than one minute.

The manual says: the dosage should be chosen depending on the location of use, purpose, and physical characteristics of the person. If you apply the spray Lidocain will be a grown man to prolong sexual intercourse, it takes 4.5–5 mg of active substance(1-2 zilch of the drug). More than 3 zilch to the penis to do: more than 10 mg anesthetic can give an overdose – although it is not fatal, but extremely unpleasant.

The pros and cons

Here is a list of the main advantages of spray that set of men who have tried this tool:

  • It is fast acting.
  • Allows to increase sex time by 30 %
  • Has a reasonable price.
  • Fits most men.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Do not take orally or injections.
  • Suitable for analgesia (if intercourse causes discomfort).
  • Is a reliable clinically proven remedy.
  • Sold in almost all pharmacies.
  • One bottle is enough for several applications.

Useful tips

We list the main rules for the use of sprays with Lidocaine:

  • Before applying to the penis, spray onto hand and wait 10-20 minutes – this will help to identify the Allergy remedy.
  • Spray prolong sexual intercourse it is better to use with condom so as not to bring discomfort to the woman (unless during a contact it gets, its sensitivity is alsowill decrease).
  • Do not use lidocaine drugs, if sexual intercourse lasts more than 3 minutes is normal time and the need to spray there.
  • Before applying you should carefully read the instructions for use and adhere strictly to the dosage.
  • Do not take if contraindications. When adverse reactions to stop use the product.

The cost

There are several variants of the spray with Lidocaine. They differ in composition and cost. Judging by the reviews, most effective sex are:

  • Lidocain Pharmstandard (Russia) – spray 10 %. The average price for the drug 280-340 RUB.
  • Lidocaine from Egis (Hungary) – spray 10 %. The average cost – 240-328 RUB.
  • Lidocaine aseptic from Biogen (Russia) – spray 10 %. In addition to the lidocaine contains chlorhexidine. The average price RUB 339-420

There is another spray Stud 1000 (1000 Students) that are related to the category of dietary Supplements. It is intended for use only in sex. Additional substances in the spray allow men a little erection. Is Stud 1000 from 750 RUB. for a bottle.

Finally, we note that the means for prolonging ejaculation are not suitable for treatment, they are not able to eliminate the source of the problem. If premature semianiline happens often, instead of constantly "masking" the problem with stimulants, and means for reducing the sensitivity of the penis head. The man should consult a doctor to establish the cause of dysfunction, to start treatment. And until the treatment is completed, temporarily prolonging the time of sexual intercourse by using Lidocaine.




In the process of treatment of prostatitis sexual intercourse causes discomfort, so bought this spray. Everything went perfectly. Now healthy, but sometimes spray to use to give pleasure to his wife.


Advice from myself I will add – when squirts spray on a causal place, do not RUB it with your hands, let soak 3 minutes at least. If you start with your hands spread, then the outcome of the palm of your hand will be numb and penis anesthetic, on the contrary, erase. But overall a good product.

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