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List of the best magnetic correctors posture (with prices and reviews)

Everyone heard about magnetic posture corrector, however, is not always how it looks and what is needed. "Sedentary" profession and age of information technology made people almost forget about the necessity of daily exercise, and a back trouble began to accompany both children and adults. Posture corrector (maternity) are able to visually improve the posture of the person, prevent further deformity of the spine. Orthopedic corset is a device that allows to eliminate most of the pathologies of the back, this product is one of the most effective conservative therapies. Responding to feedback from patients and physicians, it is possible to assert with confidence that the comprehensive most prefer as a great alternative to surgery.

Магнитный корректор на спине

A detailed description of the products and their characteristics

Is it possible to choose the maternity right? Many of those who decided to wear an orthopedic corset to improve posture or correction of acquired defects of the back, I guess that's enough to order any maternity (corrector) on the website. The main part of the magnetic correctors looks for an inexperienced person is almost the same. However, on a photo it is impossible to tell unambiguously, what a posture corrector is better similar conclusion about the quality of a product can be done only by a specialist. Do not forget about contraindications.

It is important to remember that choosing the correct maternity, especially for children, the problem for the layman almost impossible. Take into account not only the size of the product or its appearance, but also the function that will be assigned.

  • Magnetic posture corrector, Magnetic posture support, more commonly known as Cypress.

Wear Power magnetic Posture Support is recommended when there is curvature of spine, and also to prevent deformation of the spine. Magnetic plates (4-12 pieces), forming a magnetic field, all contribute to the elimination of discomfort and pain, prevent pathological changes in the vascular and nervous systems of the spine.

Wear posture corrector Posture Support (cypress) doctors recommend in the following cases:

  1. To restore the direct line of the spine in adults and children.
  2. To strengthen muscles, normalize blood and limonaire.
  3. To relieve muscle tension and pain relief.
  4. For normalization of work of the national Assembly and the cardiovascular system.

In the maternity with a high degree of rigidity is a classic TO magnetic, it mounted a metal insert. Experts remind that the use of magnetic TO limited time, no more than 4 hoursday. At constant wearing muscle tone of the back is reduced, and the effect will be worse than expected.

How to choose orthopedic CO? To choose the maternity specialist will help but not always warns about some discomfort associated with wearing magnetic TO. The product will have to be used, so as to walk "question mark" is not only ugly but also harmful for the spine. To preserve the health of the back, with slight disadvantages of magnetic correctors will have to accept:

  1. The first few days the muscles of the back will "ache".
  2. In the intense heat of the strap corrector "not breathing", so to wear the maternity will be uncomfortable.
  3. If you choose TO support Posture, along with the product comes a user manual in Chinese or English. But it's a small problem for the consumer, to find a translation the Internet is very easy.
  4. Lovers of fine clothing was going to be difficult TO stands out boldly and can cause unnecessary questions to others.

Many consumers are interested in the price issue! Price of magnetic maternity ranges from 1200 to 1500 rubles. Non-magnetic options will be cheaper – 400-500 rubles.

Would it be correct to rely on your own choice? Which model FOR suitable for children and which for adults only? All of these questions in more detail will be answered by the specialist, below is an overview of the most popular orthopedic products.

  • Posture corrector chest belt.

A comprehensive, suitable for daily use, this is a new trend in the field of beauty and health. Posture corrector Chest belt is elastic retainer helps to maintain muscle tone and shape the right back position. It is almost invisible under light clothing and does not restrict movement. The effect of CO is slightly different from the traditional understanding of magnetic correctors, to fix the position back properly allow strengthened muscles. Podiatrists suggest to use a posture corrector Chest belt with excessive physical exertion, prolonged hikes.

On the official website of the manufacturer can meet the following models:

  1. TO ORTHO, 110, 5 colors.
  2. FOR thoracic-sacral adults, ORTHO SCC-110, 2 colors.
  3. TO ORTHO (child), KO-110, 3 colors.
  4. Corset a thoracic-sacral for children ORTHO SCC-110, 2 colors.

All the products of the company ORTO originality, they can be ordered and purchased at the pharmacy and pick on their own size. With each packageattached instructions for use and scale sizes.

  • "Master" and Istatus: which is better.

And Master, Istatus relate to electronic variants TO. Ideal for people who need to correct minor defects of the spine, light slouch or just to force himself to keep his back straight. The master and Istatus is easy to handle and unlike magnetic correctors are practically invisible on the body, do not constrain movements and not to use the "strength and assertiveness", but just remind the person about the need to keep your back straight. Can I choose between them? For a beginner it would be very problematic. Widely advertised "Master" and Istatus, about which very little is known, but that doesn't mean its quality is worse. For comparison, we can take several points: the price Istatus – 2400-2500 RUB, "Master" is 3000 RUB. per set Istatus includes 32 stickers on the body, "Master" instead of 42, but it does not matter, as course application both correctors 30 days. However, analyzing the reviews you can understand that the majority of consumers still prefer Istatus, since its sensor is more perfect.

  • Trives (Trives).

One popular "magnets" refers to reclination and recommended for use in the prevention and treatment of slouching and curvature of the spine. Trives, however, will not help in case of serious pathologies, but in the early stages of the spine is quite preferable. Material: special elastic, which, even when extended wear does not cause chafing and rubs the skin. Model Trives is equipped with two extra straps and four ribs to allow a better fixation of the shoulder girdle. If you look at the reviews of Trives, we can understand that the majority of people with scoliosis, giving preference to him. One of the distinguishing features Trives – relaxation of the back muscles and memory formation, the back will "remember" the right position for a long time.

  • Eaten.

It can be called "serious" product, is recommended when scoliosis of the thoracic, kyphosis, long-term rehabilitation after severe injuries and to normalize muscle tone. A detailed description and rules of application can be obtained from the attending physician, the specialist will help you make the best choice among all the magnetic correctors.

  • ELAST 9806 TO.

This orthopedic product intended for the prevention of pathologies of the spine, removing a small stoop at any age. ELAST 9806 fixes securely TO the top of the spine, "unfolds" the shoulders and contributes to the formation of a normal posture in adolescents. ELAST – a good assistant for every day, it is easy to carry, it is convenient and notrequires special attention. ELAST easy to hide under a thin t-shirt, the lesions on the skin does not remain even in extreme heat.

The outcome of the review

After reviewing all the pros and cons of products and prices, many people want to know is it possible to make posture corrector with your hands? Visually, all models seem to be simple, and ORTHO, and ELAST, and Akoten created on the same principle, so why buy when you can try to twist the canvas fabric and the straps are intricately and fix them on the body? But experts quickly cooled this enthusiasm, explaining that all of the magnetic products is a multi – year development scientists who have thoroughly studied the physiological and anatomical aspects of the human body, and especially the development of different pathologies of the spine. So reinventing the wheel is not necessary, and it is better to consult a specialist, which of the options – magnetic or electronic – will be preferred in this case.

Table 1. The most popular types of orthopedic products



Jesann (HS 961)

From 1700


From 2200


From 1000


From 2000





Orlett TLSO-251(F)

4 890

Power magnetic Posture Support Cypress

From 1590






From 1000 to 2500

Go to the OFFICIAL website of "Posture Support"...

Choice is the most difficult part of purchasing magnetic or electronic variants of the correctors posture. What to stop, would it be correct to order the product by yourself in Internet or it is better to trust the experts how to consider contraindications? The first thing it is best to remember that name and "promoted" brand (ORTHO, ELAST, etc.), and the cost should not have a significant impact, only the specifications and recommendations of a doctor! It is important to remember about individuality and even with an identical diagnosis of the disease in different people occurs in different ways, and thereforerequires a personal approach to the choice of orthopedic products!



Valery, 22:

Began to slouch, with my height of 185 cm is pretty impressive. The doctor advised me to use a magnetic version of the posture corrector, but to wear this design, especially in the summer, not wanted. Major changes in the spine there, so I decided to buy an electronic corrector "Master of posture", though it reminds of when I bend the back. Of course there are flaws, it "beeps" when you just bend over or put shoes. But if it does not pay attention, the product is quite effective.

Valentina, 30 years:

Work in an office behind a computer all day and not always in the correct position. "Earned" curvature of the spine, the doctor at survey has told that if not corrected, over time can cause serious problems. Bought a KO ELAST 9806, not to say that it was very convenient at first, but gradually became accustomed to sit straight and when removing the corrector trying to remember the correct position and do not slouch.

Oleg Efremovich, doctor-orthopedist:

Posture correctors for the modern man become a necessary thing. From an early age manifested pathology of the spine, which require immediate elimination. The choice of the corrector for the specialist, alone it is not worth buying, as it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances. To say which model is preferable, it is impossible, it all depends on the individual person.

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