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Male agents from the pharmacies and done at home

Excellent potency, constant intimacy – what makes a man a man, prolongs youth, gives strength and confidence at any age. Sometimes, in order to the passion broke out with renewed vigor, the man need a little "recharge." For these purposes, today successfully applied the so-called male agents. There is a huge selection of such tools, their names on everyone's lips. To purchase the exciter is in the pharmacy, to order online and even prepare at home. On which the pathogen can be considered the most effective and safe and also useful tips for those who wants to bring his "formula of love" and make a sexual pathogen alone, you will find in our review.

Want, but can't! Drugs to increase libido

Potency, the intimate life is what worried and worries the vast majority of men at all times, while constantly introducing new and new tools to increase sexual vigor, enhance libido. Today, the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry led to the emergence of a huge number of absolutely unique, efficient drugs for men.

All drugs, giving men power, can be classified as follows:

  1. Drugs (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Dynamic, etc.). It tools with proven efficacy, they are fast and produce tangible and long lasting results, evidenced by the numerous positive reviews, but remember, they all belong to a group of prescription drugs have a number of contraindications and terms of price one of the most expensive options.
  2. Biologically active additives (Sealeks, Tongkat Ali platinum, saime, Alikaps, Vuka-Vuka, extract of red root, etc.). This group of male agents is over-the-counter and relatively safe. Efficacy have not confirmed such a large-scale research, as in the case of drugs, however, result from the application suits many.
  3. Tools of Oriental medicine (Yarsagumba, Satibo, the Secret Emperor, etc.). As a rule, they can easily purchase on the Internet, to judge how effective they are, can only be based on the reviews, because any significant base of research proving their effectiveness. It includes the extraction of vegetable and animal origin (extract from the testicles of yaks, kangaroos, walrus, the drug of deer antler, ginseng, saffron, and more).
  4. Folk recipe (often effective sexual exciter contains ingredients such as: ginseng, ginger, celery, propolis, etc.). Such a "male" tool, you can easily do at home. This is one of the most economicalin terms of prices and safe ways to improve health.

Homemade recipes

Read more we would like to focus on how to make sexual activator for men at home. We picked the most interesting recipes, ways of cooking, so you can cook the best, effective and suitable for you men's "elixir":

  • "Male power" in the drops.

Tincture of ginseng is a great causative agent in the droplets. From the root of ginseng at home you can make a decoction, add honey and make in a month. However, be aware that it may be contraindicated for those who have diseases of the cardiovascular system. Excellent tonic action have tinctures of Siberian ginseng, Schizandra, Rhodiola drops, talking about the multiple positive comments from men.

  • "The juice".

Celery, parsley and dill – great for men's products. Taking them in the ratio 2:1:1, make the vegetable mix. You can add carrot or beetroot juice and coriander to taste. Regular consumption of this drink for several weeks ‒ a sure way to increase libido and male abilities.

  • Herbal – stimulant.

Many medicinal herbs growing on the territory of our country, unable to exert a great influence on the potency. Here is one effective folk recipe: the herb St. John's wort, rosemary, peppermint, thyme to take in the ratio 1:2:5:5. To prepare an infusion and taken twice daily before meals for 1 glass (you can purchase raw materials for collection in the pharmacy). Note the herb Tribulus terrestris and Epimedium strelolist, these plants contain substances that stimulate the production of testosterone in men. Extracting can be done at home, and the price is affordable.

  • The power of the seed.

These foods are rich in nutrients, including essential male element, zinc. Recipe: take peeled seeds of sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, pine or walnuts in equal proportions, they need to make a mixture with honey. You can eat it fresh, you can put storage in the refrigerator. One or two spoons twice a day for several months ‒ and you will feel a real burst of energy!

  • Delicious delight.

There is food, which is considered the strongest aphrodisiac, including seafood: oysters, mussels, scallops. To include them in the menu of romantic dinner is a great idea. In addition, such spices as ginger, curry, cumin, chili pepper, will give a taste not only the dish but also of sexual life.

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Whichever recipe you choose, remember that any sexual exciter is a tool. Physical health, confidence, lack of complexes is the basis of the desired location, that determines the quality and duration of sexual intercourse.

Selecting the best: cost and effectiveness

When choosing a pathogen of man are two important parameters: the speed of action and safety (prescription and non-prescription status). Important criteria – price, reviews from other men. We decided to compare different activators for men according to several criteria.

Sexual exciter for men, name Prices (Euro) cat. The speed of onset of effect Prescription (+) / over-the-counter drug(–)
Viagra, 100 mg, 1 tab. 850 40-60 min. +
Dynamic (similar to Viagra), 100 mg, 1 tab. 500 40-60 min. +
Sealeks, 12 caps. 1600 The use of 2 to 4 weeks (persistent effect appears on the second day of admission) _
Alikaps, 12 caps. 1600 The use of 2 to 4 weeks (the effect is already apparent after taking the first capsule) _
The power of the Emperor, 8 caps. 750-800 40-60 minutes, for a lasting effect you need to apply a month _
Of satibo 8 KAPS. 1200 40-60 min.
Tincture of ginseng, 30 ml. 40-80 Long-term use _

As you can see, the faster comes the effect and the expression of it, the higher the price of a sexual pathogen. With the strong funds are the most unsafe and should be taken only after consultation with your doctor. But even seemingly safe dietary Supplements we recommend you not to rely solely on online reviews and would advise to pre-discuss the appointment with the specialist.

What's the male pathogen to choose, you decide: a fast and powerful or long-acting therapeutic effect. The main thing is not to harm your health. But that did not happen, consultation with a doctor is needed.

It is only effective integrated approach to resolve issues the right way of life and thoughts will eventually be able to give the most powerful and lasting effect. Be healthy!



Andrew, 43

Always use Sealeks. ItI have not failed. Taking courses over the month. The effect is felt and will continue after the course. I also heard about saime good reviews. All products of this kind similar plant composition.

Igor is 50 years old

When did the problems with potency, I decided to try the tincture of red root, then bought the ginseng. The effect of them seems to have little need to drink for a long time. So, if you know what you got a big night ahead, always stocking Viagra. And no misfires!

Michael, 45 years

I'm your prostatitis and other ailments not cured, do not know the normal sex! Viagra is not the main way of solving problems if something with your machine not in order, do still focus on male nutrition and exercise, to improve blood circulation in this very spot. From the doctor found out that the activity is very important and especially if together with Viagra the result will be a very good bistro.

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