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How to make Peruvian Maca for men and what are the contraindications (with prices and reviews)

Peruvian Maca is an exotic root vegetable resembling a turnip and our growing in Latin America. Its unique properties more than 2 thousand years help to get rid of various ailments, including to increase the power of potency in men. Why is the plant the drug is made from Maca, why powder is becoming increasingly popular around the world?

Перуанская мака

Root Peruvians

The grass of the Incas for sex and called this ordinary root, which for the first time I tried animals, and the farmers noticed its unusual properties. Herds that were grazing among the thickets Maca, looked stronger, females often come to hunt.

Specialists partly prove the unique properties of Poppies: a plant ground into powder, is a powerful aphrodisiac and adaptogen, its composition truly makes you feel respect for this ugly root:

  • Vitamins gr. In (B2, B6, B12, C and Niacin).
  • Minerals: Fe, Ca, I, Mg, K, Zn.
  • Amino acids.
  • Alkaloids, amides, fatty acids and additional nutrients for men and women.

A significant part of the Lepidium meyenii root, which can be consumed in any form (raw, boiled, dried). Maca can be found in the highlands, where the seeds germinate on almost barren soil. It is noteworthy that when grown in other seeds, of course, germinate and give a good harvest, but the plant almost loses its beneficial properties and becomes a normal root. Why composition is so bizarre changes – is not known, perhaps in the rarefied air at the altitude of 3 thousand meters above sea level.

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Peruvian Maca is red and yellow, the color is not affect the composition, and local populations of the plant are a common food product. To keep the root longer, it was dried and made into a powder, in this form it does not lose its unique qualities for many years.

Useful from nature

Red and yellow Maca was used by the ancient Incas in the treatment of many diseases. Reviews of modern doctors confirmed that the extract of the Maca root helps to overcome depression and even helps with cancer. What explains such a large effect from the use? The use of Maca is obvious, and "guilt" around its adaptogenic properties that increase the stamina of men and women, help to resist stress factors and infections. The use of Poppies acts on the endocrine system. The active ingredients of the plant are involved in the regulation of cortisol production (the stress hormone) in the hypothalamus and tone workof the adrenal glands.

Перуанская мака

The Maca plant has the following indisputable advantages:

  • Gives energy and vitality. Root and the powder helped to cope with insomnia, improved memory and fatigue. Recommended by poor nutrition, severe menopause, and to normalize the menstrual cycle in women.
  • Increasing fertility. The main reason why the Incas worshiped the root and even used it in magic rituals.
  • Aphrodisiac. The plant can increase potency in men.
  • The extract used in the treatment of respiratory infections and arthritis.

Thus, it becomes clear why red and yellow Maca was revered in ancient times and still continue to take the descendants of the people who noticed the unique features of Lepidium meyenii.

The opinions of experts

Do the benefits of Maca, is it true that Maca root is a way to restore vitality? The testimonials show that the root of the Peruvian Maki is particularly useful in fresh raw form, but how to get root is problematic, it is quite suitable drug to enhance potency in men, or powder that is added to food.

What do the doctors say...

How the extract on the body:

  • The drug improves the quality "spermatozoa".

It was recommended to take with asthenozoospermia and oligospermia, the formula is so unique that helps to solve the problem of male infertility, the formation of a larger number of normal sperm and increased ejaculate volume in men.

  • Prevention of malignant neoplasms.

The composition of Maca is composed of glucosinolates and thiocyanates, which are able to bind to liver carcinogens and toxins.

  • Stimulation of potency.

Make Maca is recommended for low libido in men.

  • Restorative properties.

Перуанская мака

The use of Poppies is indisputable, the root increases sexual energy and vitality. Increases resistance to stress and endurance of men.

  • Impact on NS.

The drug significantly improves the condition of the prostate and normalizes hormonal metabolism. With reduced potency helps to improve it, making the excitement and the blood supply of the penis strong, reducing the refractory pause.

  • Contribute to a better functioning of the urinary system.

The drug significantly reduces dysuric symptoms and relief for prostatitis.

  • Normalizes hormonal balance.

Phytosterols, which are located in Maca, are precursors to sex hormones,therefore, in the application of this means of regulation of their level in the body.

  • Anabolic action.

If you take the Mac course, to the accumulation of myoglobin in the muscles which automatically helps to increase muscle strength, physical endurance and visual appeal.

When the right man:

  1. Low-potency.
  2. Early ejaculation.
  3. Low quality and insufficient quantity of semen.
  4. Bad erection.
  5. With stress and depression.

When you need to the woman:

  1. PMS and menopause.
  2. Hormonal failure.
  3. Low libido.
  4. Lack of energy, depression.

On this basis, it can be concluded that Maca is a way to prolong youth, improve health and recover from excessive physical and mental stress. Then why are some consumer reviews contain information that Maca – harm, and drug to increase potency is not valid?

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How to use "super"

Перуанская мака

Peruvian Maca – is it "super", that is, simple food, not a drug or BAD, but in its properties it is unique, it is a great way to satisfy hunger and restore vitality. Of course, like any tools, Maca should be contraindications, however, to establish the framework for dispensing very difficult, so doctors advise to start taking it with a small amount, gradually increasing to 1-3 teaspoons per day.

As far as possible to use powder – 3 teaspoons a day, but just to take a loading dose is not necessary, it is advisable to start with this option:

  • the first week – 1-1,5 tsp.;
  • second week – 2-2,5 tsp.;
  • next: 3 teaspoons

From high dose can cause harm, so it is necessary to increase gradually and monitor the reaction.

If you read consumer reviews they are mostly positive and they like the method of application and the fact that the drug can be mixed with any food. The main condition – the food temperature should not exceed 45 C. Also taking Maca at night could harm the body to cause insomnia, as it has a highly restorative effect.

Contraindications there are only two categories of citizens:

  1. Pregnant women in any trimester.
  2. People who are prone to allergies, intolerant to any component of the drug.

Poppy is not the only way to increase potency for men. Adaptogenic herbs are able to regulate the activity of the thyroid gland, are responsible for the flow of energy and naturally accelerate the metabolism. Thus, the Peruvian Maca is another great way to fight obesity.

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What, where and how much?

Before you order Peruvian Maca, it must be remembered that incorrect use of such a harmless plant could cause harm. Consumer reviews show that in overdose they had to deal with the unpleasant side effects:

  1. Headache.
  2. The increase in heart rate.
  3. Indigestion.
  4. Hormone-dependent acne.
  5. Tearfulness.
  6. Heartburn.
  7. Insomnia.

Перуанская мака

Not to cause your body harm, you should strictly observe the dosage and to start with a small amount of Peruvian Maca. If you observe any one of the unpleasant symptoms – urgent need to reduce the dose and contact a doctor.

Maca can be purchased in the following forms:

  1. Powder (crushed root).
  2. Extract. Has a higher concentration, but is rarely used because of its specific taste and smell.
  3. Capsules. Sometimes sold with the addition of other nutrients, for example zinc, which is useful for potency.

Where can you buy Maca and how much? You can buy it at the drugstore fail, but it means that it is not a drug. Most consumers make purchases on the official website, where you can buy Maca at a discount, the price of the package is 990 rubles.

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Sergey, 32 years:

Red Maca is our friends gave a kind of joke on their wedding anniversary. At first I put "surprise" on the shelf, and then decided to try, of course, studying about the drug after all. Well, and taste extract, need something to eat, the taste of her specific. But mi happy.

Stephen, 40 years:

Admit I quit taking Maca, as it fell out with the constant partner and walk in a constant excitement is very unpleasant. But I can say that for a man who has a wife or permanent girl – Maca is a real find. Wouldn't recommend eating the powder dry", it is better to mix with any product, I liked it with my morning porridge.

Anna, 36 years:

We have to work a lot with two children on his shoulders. Due to the constant surge began to break, often swearing and crying. Went to the doctors recommend rest, but what, and who to do for me will be all right. Cried her friend, the same workaholic as I am, and instead of advice she got Peruvian Maca,powder and told me to try. Oddly enough, forces increased, and the neurosis was gone, and life is fun.

Alexey Pavlovich, doctor-urologist:

Despite the large number of synthetic drugs that increase the potency, it is better to give preference to natural means. It's still a natural substances act on the human body sparingly, for less occurring side effects. Peruvian Maca is one of those natural remedies!

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