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What is poppers and as it is better to accept (reviews and prices)

Poppers — preparations consisting of different compounds nitrites. Most often the present composition of amylnitrite, butylnitrite or isobutyronitrile. Initially poppers were used in medicine in the treatment of angina, asthma and poisoning with cyanide. But very quickly, the doctors refused them, as the medicine more harm than help. Now poppers are "migrated" to the people and they are used as tools to get in bed a new feeling. According to reviews, these inhalers help to enhance libido and make orgasm several times brighter.

упаковка препарата

Poppers dangerous? Undoubtedly, the use of these funds harmless call. However, in the list of banned drugs they do not fall — poppers are just not recommended by experts to eat. Let's look at why the opinions of doctors on these inhalers negative and why men, despite such serious warnings, you still find them online, buy at a high price and then use in sex...

The principle of operation

Compounds nitrite once in the body, leading to relaxation of smooth muscles. Quickens the heart rate. The walls of the blood vessels to dilate and are filled with a large amount of blood. As a result the person under the effect of the potion is experiencing strong excitation and reaches a bright orgasm.

Faster the substance begins to take effect if ingested through the respiratory tract, so the drugs and are available in the form of inhalers. Judging by the reviews, the most popular are such brands as poppers, Rush, Ram, Hardware and poppers Blue boy.

Poppers, Rush, Ram, Hardware or poppers Blue boy used the same pattern: to achieve the effect, you need to:

  1. Bring a bottle to the nose.
  2. Make two or three deep breaths.

To operate the tool starts fast — the effect will be noticeable after a couple of minutes. Remember: if you leave the tool open, it will quickly evaporate and the dose of nitrates will get everyone in the room people (bottle volume 10 ml evaporates completely in about two hours). Better not do that, because you cannot be sure that other people no contraindications to the poppers.

It is important to know

Drug addiction inhalers do not cause, as it does not stimulate brain activity. The drug is quite rapidly excreted from the body — total time of breeding is about 10-15 minutes. But psychological dependence can occur, which is understandable — getting stronger arousal and orgasm, the man will not be satisfied with the usual level achieved without the stimulator. This is why you should not abuse the poppers, so you do not forget how tothe pleasure of sex without the use of the drug.

Inhalers have a long list of contraindications and side effects. In addition, this tool if used improperly can lead to dangerous consequences. If you still dare to try the Blue boy poppers, Hardware, Rush, Ram, or some other stimulant, then remember:

  • Nitrite is extremely flammable means, so you need to keep near the nebulized substance does not have any open sources of fire.
  • In any case can not be used by people with asthma, vascular disease or reduced pressure.
  • It is not necessary in the pursuit of the effect to breathe in the facility around the clock. In minimal doses it is not dangerous, but if you do it around the clock, the dose of nitrite is critical, which is very bad for the brain and heart.
  • You should not consume the tool inside — it leads to severe poisoning.
  • It is very dangerous to use poppers in parallel with Viagra, Cialis or other stimulant potency. Heart gets too heavy load, which could trigger a seizure. For this reason, it is highly recommended not to simultaneously drink alcohol and use poppers.
  • It is necessary to watch that the poppers didn't inhale pregnant women — nitrites can cause miscarriage.

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The cost

Cheap means to not be named. The price is quite high considering that one bottle is enough for a couple applications. Here is a sample of prices for various types:

  • English Royal — price from 1380 RUB
  • Man Scent — 1240 RUB.
  • Poppers Rush — the price of 990 RUB.
  • Poppers Blue boy — from 1380 RUB

Besides, now spread a lot of fakes. Judging by the reviews online, many ordered poppers and got a bottle of flavored water, not able to exert the slightest effect on the person.

In the framework of the law

These products are not registered by the Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human well-being. So if you find Blue boy poppers, Quick Silver, Pop-rs, poppers, Rush, Locker Room, Liquid Aroma, poppers Ram, Iron Horse, Heavy Bolt, Hardware, or some other nitrite inhaler, purchase won't condemn you, but for the quality and safety of purchased goods, no one will take responsibility. Keep this in mind when choosing a stimulant.


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Rafael (Moscow):

Poppers once in clubs was popular. Go to the gym, and immediately feel: someone sprayed nearby. The head of them was foggy, but the mood improved and activity has come. It was probably a very harmful drugs, because such tricks began to drive, and now the poppers in the clubs is no longer used. But in the sex shops have started to sell bottles, which are also called poppers, but I understand that those club promoters, they have nothing. Head not is vague, and only the riser increases.

Dmitry (Volgograd):

For the price like the effect. I sounded happy with the result so will be ordering more.

Ghosh (Elec):

I bought a couple of times — wondering how operates. The first time took some kind of Flesch. The zeros — nothing has changed, just in my head buzzing (in two minutes). The second time I bought a Rush. This worked as it should.

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