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Review of millet seeds (Sudanese) with reviews and prices

Modern medicine does not stand still. Every day there is something new. To this should be added the thousands of existing products from all sorts of ailments. To try everything unreal. That's why we decided to present you one of the herbal remedies – Sudoku. It is positioned as a versatile natural product that helps in the treatment of a large number of diseases. Whether so it actually? Let's understand and study its properties, indications, methods of use, price, reviews from people who have already tried Sudoku for yourself.

What it is

Not all of us have heard the name "sudanka", though actually seen this quite often is nothing like the raw grains of millet. The cereal started to cultivate back in the East – more than 3 000 years ago. It is very common to the seeds of millet was in Russia. And they are grown not just for food, seeds valued for medicinal properties.

Our ancestors knew that sudanka gives a person strength and health, so making flour, porridge, brew, added to soups, pies, salads. Decoctions and tinctures from the seeds of millet are actively used by healers to restore your inner resources and strengthen the body, improve health, reduce the risk of many diseases.

What is the power of cereal

In addition, seeds of millet is capable of:

  • to strengthen the immune system;
  • to normalize the water-salt balance;
  • reduce allergic reactions;
  • to help reduce the level of sugar in the blood;
  • to restore intestinal flora, to improve his motor skills;
  • withdraw residual product after taking antibiotics;
  • to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

How sudanka struggling with all of these ailments? Thanks to the useful substances:

  • Protein. The millet seeds are valuable protein significantly more than in other cereals.
  • Plant starch. Due to the low caloric content and high nutritional value, sudanka allows you to satisfy your hunger without a fat deposition.
  • The unsaturated fatty acids. Give the necessary energy. Strengthen the walls of the muscles and blood vessels.
  • Fiber. Facilitates removal of toxins from the intestines, normalizes the metabolic processes.
  • Vitamins. In millet seeds contain vitamins A, PP, E, B1, B2, B6, B9.
  • Potassium. Essential for maintaining healthy bones, teeth, muscles. In pross four times more potassium than rice.
  • Iron. Without it, the body develops anemia.
  • Iodine. Necessary for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

Unfortunately, in the Wake of a healthy and sports nutrition people buy many different curiosities and chemicals. But all the nutrients are contained in one miracle grass! Instead of having to purchase dozens of cans "sportpit" for a crazy price or kilograms useful bars(which, incidentally, the basis consists of grains), detox products and various dietary Supplements, enough to buy a box of Sudanese (the price of a large box, which will last for a very long time, from 900 to 990 rubles) and get all the necessary micronutrients from a single product!

The difference from store-bought product

Please note that sudanka and millet sold in conventional grocery stores, differ. In the stores in packages put up cleared of Bud and flower films polished grain. It is more pleasant to the taste, but, unfortunately, deprived of many valuable components.

How to use grain

Of the Sudanese, it is possible to cook porridge, to add to pies, soups, vegetables, salads. Some consume a handful of seeds just with water (it's harmless and the most useful, although not very tasty).

We recommend to try tincture of millet seeds. It is very simple:

  1. Take one tablespoon of Sudanese.
  2. Rinse it, pour into a thermos, pour 500 ml of warm water.
  3. Close the thermos lid, allow to steep for eight hours.
  4. Add honey to taste (but no more than one teaspoon).
  5. Take decoction of 150 ml, 30 minutes before lunch (to store leftovers in the refrigerator before use to warm up, but do not boil).

Still it is possible to prepare a decoction: take two tablespoons millet seeds, pour 400-500 ml of water, simmer for half an hour. Remove from heat and allow to steep for one hour. To use just as an infusion.

Nutritionists and physicians recommend

Sudanka is a product that you need according to the opinions of nutritionists is necessary to include in the diet. The seeds of millet contains a lot of protein, but the calorie content is minimal.

If you arrange fasting days with the help of this product, you can easily lose up to four pounds a week, forcing your body all the necessary substances it will get in the right amount).


Valeria, 28 years

I'm an avid fan of healthy eating. I'm sure that many diseases arise from the fact that people consume the incorrect food that clogs the body and prevents normal fight diseases. Millet, or rather its seeds, has long been mandatory in my diet. Consider it a strong "grain" than rice, buckwheat, barley or lentils. I'm full of energy, I feel just fine. Catch colds very rarely. Normal weight.

Natalia, 41 years

Sudoku I was advised by the doctor. I am a diabetic and try all natural means of reducing sugar. Stopped on sudance, as it is quite a tasty cereal (make teas, sometimes in soups and warm salads). Sugar levels I have leveled, crises no.